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Angela Bassett as TV reporter
Brian Dennehy as Lt. Leo McCarthy
Jerry Orbach as Nicholas DeFranco
Tom Noonan as Varrick
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Reviewed by caa821 8 / 10

Good film - finally saw, by accident

I missed this movie when it was originally issued, and after all I read and heard about "Cocktail" (in which Bryan Brown starred a couple of years later) I had no desire to seek it out. But upon just surfing to cable's AMC channel one weekend morning, and finding it having just begun - I watched for a couple of minutes and found myself absorbed in it. After looking at some of the previously-posted comments in this section of IMDb, during commercials, I was even more interested.

First, my regard for Brown is heightened. Anyone married to Rachel Ward, for 23 years, has to have a lot going for him - even beyond what you see on-screen. And actors with British/Australian accents all provide effective "men-on-the-run, harried, danger-beset" characterizations. The acting here is all good. The late Trey Wilson, as Denehy's unctuous NYPD colleague evokes memories of his small-but-key, scene-stealing roles in "Twins" and "Raising Arizona." Cliff De Young, as the even more unctuous pursuer/would-be killer of the endangered Brown, could (from this and prior roles) be Hollywood's solution to replace Dabney Coleman as the quintessential, smarmy, "horse's ass," now that Dabney is getting well-along in years. As with all his roles, Mason Adams gives a good performance - but I can never watch him without expecting that any moment he is going to take a Smucker's jar from his pocket and begin a spiel.

Brian Dennehy is always fun to watch, and his "gruff-but-still-likable" persona was never better-suited to a role than here - he's the only one (except for one assistant) who has a clue, literally and figuratively, of the shenanigans occurring and besetting poor Rollie (Brown). Give this film a solid "8." Enjoyed the final minutes and the ending. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of the sequel.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Fast pace , action , suspense and lots of amusement

F/X is a great movie because of the idea of a special effects artist trying to get himself out of a mess. It deals with F/X man Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) as expert craftsman . FBI agents (Cliff De Young, Mason Adams), ask Rollie to help him to make a setup for hide a mobster named DeFranco (Jerry Orbach) about to enter the Witness Program of Recolocation and Protection . As he accepts thirty thousand dollars by execution the phony work . And the operation was going well when Tyler allegedly kills the mobster . When the agency double cross him on the staging the fake assassination Rollie finds himself embroiled in a deadly cover-up and he uses his special effects to trap the corrupt agents . Obviously FBI is involved with gangster's death, but when the things get worse he calls on Andy (Martha Gehman). The whiz Rollie and Andy team up once more to use their special effects to find those responsible for the death of gangster . Rollie must use his movie magic and wits to discover the true guilty and survive . Meanwhile an obstinate detective named Leo McCarthy (Brian Dennehy) and his helper (Joe Grifasi) are investigating the deeds. As far as the story goes , it involves a bigger scale of corruption in the law enforcement circle .

Entertaining but typical 1980's-type action thriller that has great potential as is fast-paced and well acted film . It has Inspector Dennehy and FX wizard Brown in fine form , and good secondaries Diane Venora, Joe Grifasi , Cliff De Young, Jery Orbach , some involved on corrupt business ; furthermore Angela Basset film debut . Some parts were predictable , but for the most part, it was nicely-paced with some good intrigue and mystery . There are some very exciting scenes as well as some ingenious special effects, including the initial setup that figures prominently in the argument. The cinematography and editing are functional . Action is pretty nicely done and fast moving with some engaging gimmickry . The motion picture is professionally directed by Robert Mandel (The substitute, School ties). Decent if somewhat belated followup to this 86 surprise hit was realized in 1991 titled ¨FX2¨ that does have suspense , however, the entire thing is nowhere near as engaging or thrilling , it was directed by Richard Franklin with similar players and followed by an amiable TV series .

Reviewed by Ian 5 / 10

Who'll Get The Last Laugh?

(Flash Review)

This movie is like walking on early winter lake ice, don't jump too hard or you may fall through sketchy plot 'holes'. zing. This is one of those movies that is mildly entertaining yet if you try, you can get hung up on various odd plot points/holes. Overall, this has a rather unique and clever story approach wrapped in sub-standard 80's production quality which isn't typically a high bar. The protagonist, Rollie, is a top tier movie special effects artist and is recruited by the FBI to help stage an assassination to more easily place a person into witness protection. Rollie not only ends up in a leading role of his own real yet fake movie stunt but gets more than he bargained for. Will he be able to use his unique creativity to get himself out of a sticky situation? This movie was detective based with several twists and turns. Has some clever 80's effects scenes yet at times feels cheap with some questionable director decisions and ho-hum car chases. This also has one of the WORST acting efforts I've ever seen by the 2nd supporting female actress. She only says a few short lines but her delivery is simply laughable.

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