G.I. Jane


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Viggo Mortensen as Master Chief John James Urgayle
Demi Moore as Jordan O'Neill
Jim Caviezel as Slovnik
Morris Chestnut as McCool
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Reviewed by Bob Jim 7 / 10

Best female protagonist

This is how I love my protagonist. Badass, hardass, and above all, struggling. Throughout the film, our protagonist struggled- Against her own biology, against her social status and even against politics! The struggles, her outstanding evolution throughout the film, the support cast, it's all very well executed.

Usually, female protagonist will always fall for a man throughout the movie and it will usually have a major part in the plot. Well not here! Her connection to her lover did not change almost anything (in regarding the general plot), which is great. No "lovey dovey mushy tushy" sh*t! It's all her. No "power of love", one of the worst tropes in movies.

Still, it's not a 10/10 movie. Everything was intense, but at a certain point nothing is intense. It reached it's peak and stayed there- No cool down or another, higher peak.

Cons: At a certain point it's not exciting as it first was. The finale wasn't that exciting either. Plot feels too simple at times.

Pros: Great acting Best feminist propaganda I've seen in years Funny, wholesome and badass moments. many of them (and maybe too many)

Reviewed by FamousGirlfriend 9 / 10

If strong people who just happen to be women provoke you, then this is not a film for you.

Jordan O'Neill (Demi Moore) is selected to be one of the test subjects in an attempt to explore the possibility to change the policies for women in the navy. Unsurprisingly, there's more than one agenda in the mix.

Yes, this is kind of a flat film. Yes: it has flaws. Yes, it's ridiculously predictable. But do I love this film or what? It's one of my dearest feel good films of all time. I think Ridley Scott managed to capture a few real issues in a film that is essentially an amusing and very simple story. The actors do a great job and the story is straightforward, I think it is all it was intended to be.

Also, they beat each other up and there are helicopters and explosions.

***SPOILERS and annoyingly large wall of text below!***

The gender issue is so apparent it might as well be a joke, and in a lot of cases it is! Symbolic references to genitals everywhere. Maybe that's why it works so well. You want the jokes and extreme symbolism. And the helicopters and the violence.

There are two powerful women in this film, both of them are trying to make it, but while being a woman is part of the strategy for one of them, being treated as a person rather than a woman is vital for the other. DeHaven is trying to make a feminist statement as part of a (not so clean) political campaign, Jordan just tries to do what she wants in life, despite being a woman.

Jordan is victimised and diminished by basically all people around her, DeHaven being the most cruel of them all. At least C.O. Salem is honest. Even her partner is trying to hold her back to some extent, though he comes to respect her decision in the end. But Jordan never considers herself a victim and doesn't for one minute feel sorry for herself.

There is just critique and hopeless idiocy in a lot of the characters' reasoning: 1) Women in combat isn't a yes/no decision, because it IS true that men tend to become more protective towards women, and that IS problematic in a war situation (I just read a book on this, so I feel comfortable stating this). Ideology and reality have a tendency to clash. But this doesn't mean that we can't change this: by the time this film came out the policies for women were different from they are now, so apparently we are getting somewhere. 2) There is always someone who decides what is and what isn't politically correct, and while striving for equality, what is important and what is just for show? Does forcing "gender education" upon someone really make a difference or is it just antagonising? Even if I thoroughly dislike the character C.O. Salem and all his opinions, I get where he's coming from and it's not only the 50s.

How can we strive for equality when there are still people using their gender as justification or means to succeed? How can we look past "gender norms" when we are the ones upholding and creating them? And why are people not judged by what they bring to the table, when that should be the only thing that matters?

Reviewed by fsword-1 1 / 10

Horrible movie

Some movies are just ridiculous right from the start and this is one of them. First there is no such thing as CRT. Second women are not in combat for very good reasons. Now while some women can compete at things like running or swimming, they cannot compete with anything that requires upper body strength. The idea that you can make it through BUD/s but somehow wash out in CRT training is also nuts. BUD/s has a 70% failure rate and only those who really want to be there will make it through. It's a lot harder than it looks. Safety is the number one concern in training and eating bad food (as they depict in the movie) has no point at all. The instructors in this movie come off as sadists where as in real training the instructors actually want you to succeed. The marines spent 2½ years doing research on integrated teams and in every case all male teams out performed integrated ones. You might be able to march 20 miles with 75 lbs. on your back but the real question is how effective are you when you get there? Simply put men are built for war and woman are not.

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