Gabriel's Rapture: Part Two



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marwillreview 5 / 10


Passionflix. Passionflix. We are 5 movies in and I have yet to understand why we need 3 movies for each book of this series? Gabriels Rapture part 2 starts with Julia. Yes Julia NOT Julienne... ok.. it's start with Julia and Gabriel returning from their trip. They return excited to be in love and together, but what they do not expect is for that annoying Christa girl to figure out that they have been dating. Dummies over here thought they were going to get away with it. No no no. They did not. Christa decides to file a complaint against not only Gabriel, but also impresionable Miss Julia. This opens up a pandora box of angst that was annoying beyond this world. Gabriel feels he needs to take all the blame for fraternizing with Julia. He can & does all this to not jeopardize her going to Harvard (apparently she is extremely smart.. ok). Julia feels like Gabriel is making life changing decisions for her and well, all of this leads to Gabriel putting all the blame on him, so Julia can go scot free and she can accomplish her dream of getting her phd in Dante's whatever. This leads to Gabriel breaking up with Julia and him disappearing. Movie ends with some weird scene of Gabriel laying in bed. The movie was a bit better than the previous one, this is the highest I'll ever rate a movie in this series at a 5/10. There was finally some conflict even though it was the most stupidest conflict to ever grace the tv screen.

Reviewed by maryrock90 1 / 10

Bowtie Manchild and the Careless Doormat Pt. 5

Here we are, once again!

The second installment for the second book in this long, tedious series which for some reason is being milked for all its worth and trust me, it ain't worth more than an average Hallmark Christmas film with baffling directorial choices, awkward dialogue, painfully long pace and stilted acting.

The good news is somehow things pick up in this sequel, there's some action involved albeit delayed and reserved for the last 25 minutes of this dreary charade with the leads looking dense trying to defend themselves.

The characters get blindsided by serious accusations concerning the nature of their relationship despite being entirely aware of the consequences and going on trips together as a couple, with Professor Bowtie introducing his student as his fiancée to other colleagues, giving her letters of recommendation, perfect grades on his course and even granting her a bursary. Could it be any more obvious to the outside world that these two have something going on? The snitch wasn't the academic council or anyone working near Emerson but a comically villainous student who is so enamoured of Emerson's terrible manners through his gritted teeth that she decides to get back on his girlfriend by reporting her.

It was a matter of time for them to be caught red-handed so it's bizarre why both of them didn't see this coming , particularly the professor who abused his power and rightfully takes full responsibility by sacrificing their relationship without telling Julia and treating her coldly as part of his grand plan *cue dramatic music* Gee, i wonder if they'll get back together, what a heartstopping plot.

We have the usual melodramatic romantic trite between two characters that have no real connection whatsoever. The other characters are just as decorative with the female characters being portrayed as petty , mean spirited femme fatales besides the clueless, naive and soft spoken Julia who lacks a backbone and several layers of personality to be considered more than one dimensional.

Gabriel Emerson is nefarious and unlikable, walks out from a therapist's office when he's confronted about his ongoing alcohol addiction of which there's no mention to his "better half" of course, deals with his problems by using his fists and like a true toxic alpha male, he keeps secrets from Julia, who lives in fear of other women snatching her perfect boyfriend away, because he knows better than her. There's nothing redeemable about this guy and no, the title of the third book is misleading, trust me on this one.

Overall it's a bad film you can watch when you have nothing better to do and I'll probably tune in for the sequels because beyond all the flaws it provides a good laugh.

I'll close this review with a stellar example of the dialogue in this movie.

"When I'm not with you i feel like one of my legs is missing."

Reviewed by vanessahuvier 10 / 10

A complete saga of Gabriels, This is my Life, My Dream !

Gabriel's Rapture part 1 made us travel on a small cloud. But Gabriel's Rapture part 2 brings us back down to earth little by little and leads us to the depths of Hell. Certain sentences struck me on the spot. Some scenes upset me. Gabriel's Inferno part 3 is my favorite movie but this one is putting me on the same level in my opinion. The actors who were already doing a huge job, have taken a new step and they have nothing more to prove. Just like Tosca Musk and once again, she tackles themes rarely mentioned (scene in a "swimming pool"). Since the beginning of the saga, she dares. It's done with so much intelligence and respect, that everything she does, works. Moreover, each music used plays an essential role (scene where Julia collapses, the last minutes of the film). There's such intensity, it's unbelievable. I think it's a real tour de force and a rollercoaster of emotion. Above all, keep it up. Well done. Long live the sequel.

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