Game of Assassins


Action / Adventure / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 2132

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Bai Ling as Kim Lee
Dustin Nguyen as Jin-Soo
Warren Kole as David Hellar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by didgee7 2 / 10


Just finished watching this movie and I am a bit shocked as to how bad it was after expecting a good one given the ratings and the trailer. I am sorry I cant waste my time to write a proper review on this one ..In short very bad acting with no credible figures,predictable story, (very predictable)the set up is not bad so the idea despite far from original could have gone further if they choose IMHO better actors and overall almost everyone who made this movie surely had to be a beginner at film making.. This movie could have been very good if it was watched 20 years ago.Its ridiculous at 7 starts at current rating.Fair rating is at 5 or 6 at the most.(And you will not see that costume either thats on the poster.In fact that poster has nothing to do with this movie~)

Reviewed by Turambar-3 3 / 10

I wish I could get my 80 minutes back!

I'm sure there are some people who will be convinced this movie contains some sort of hidden truths, but I'm not. There's almost no plot, not much dialogue and we learn very little about the characters - worse, we don't care about any of them anyway.

What little plot there is, as it turns out, ends up with several big holes in it. The ending takes place in the last 5 minutes, because the writer obviously just ran out of ideas (or paper). It's trudge, trudge, trudge for 75 minutes, then a disappointing ending so devoid of anything useful that the viewer just ends up with nothing. If someone had suggested to me that this movie might end this way, I'd think he was kidding.

This movie was showing on HBO one Sunday against all of the infomercials, and I got curious. I thought it might be a fun little action flick, but an old Jackie Chan movie would have been a hundred times more entertaining.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Good if you like watching actors standing around in the dark

THE GAUNTLET is a would-be horror/adventure film that seems to have been shot in somebody's basement. Certainly the film has about 10% of the kind of lighting you normally see in a B-movie and as it's a single location flick too it just consists of five actors hanging around in the dark while somebody feeds them their dialogue. Much is made of conflict within the group but if this is trying to be one of those 'deadly gameshow' type films then it fails miserably. Due to the lack of incident and plot it just goes on and on and on, hugely boring to sit through. The reliable Bai Ling appears in a supporting role but even she can't save this waste-of-time movie.

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