Game, Set, Love


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Richard Harmon as William Campbell
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Reviewed by maestromeg 1 / 10

Wow. Anyone affiliated with this movie EVER play tennis??

Beyond laughable in its representation of professional tennis. The ludicrous plot line details were so far removed from reality that we laughed through the entire comedy - except it wasn't supposed to be funny THAT way. The sequences of play action were so disjointed, it was as if they teleported across the court. The scoreboard camera shot in the final match was absolute gibberish in representing what had happened in the course of the match with the points, games, and sets won. And a mildly injured player agonizing over whether to play the FINAL match point to win? I won't even delve into the relationship plot and the lack of chemistry among the leads, who in no way sold themselves as professional athletes. If you know anything about tennis at all, watch it for either a laugh at Hallmark's expense - or to be majorly frustrated at the stupidity. Just to be clear, I enjoy Hallmark movies for pleasant entertainment. Not this embarrassment.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Sports/Romance movie

Hallmark doesn't do this kind of movie often where a sporting event dominates the story. They do plenty of contests, but this kind of sports movie has a different feel from most of the others by its nature. This one follows the pattern you would expect with a slight twist almost at the last minute.

There was some mild chemistry between Davida Williams and Richard Harmon. The acting was OK. The dialogue had a few good moments but was mostly average. Some sets were almost cheesy since the training facility looked more elaborate than the tournament itself.

There is almost always an aspect where each of the lead couple encourage the other to be a better person. William was supposed to be a John McEnroe type with uncontrollable anger issues, but after we actually meet him, there isn't much of that.

There were lots of Tennis scenes including some coaching of youth players but otherwise the story was pretty simple.

Reviewed by therusticapothecary 2 / 10

This Missed the Mark

I wanted to like this movie because I play tennis, love the sport, and it's a different type of storyline; however, the lack of chemistry was hard to get past. There were times I wanted to change the channel, but I always liked to watch the movie in its entirety. There was just something about the film that felt off; I don't know if it was the acting or the slow storyline, but it was not good. Definitely, not a rewatch for me, and I really wish Hallmark would bring their fall movies. Those were always some of the best. I don't know why they play new movies that have nothing to do with the season.

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