Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 2298

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Jason Douglas as Kurata Shinya
Tony Oller as Satoru / Pedestrian Boy
Aki Maeda as Young Ayana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsaintj 9 / 10

Simply the finest

Yes, simply the finest daikaiju eiga made since the original Godzilla. Not only a film that can make you take Gamera seriously, but one that makes you take giant monsters seriously as well. Great story, fine acting, clever script and story, excellent directing, brilliant special effects.... this is the only one (so far!) that has it all.

Reviewed by Irys 10 / 10

Best Gamera ever!!!!

Gamera 3 is simply put, the best Gamera, and possibly the best Daikaiju eiga, ever. It finally puts to rest the cheesy, campy, child-friendliness of the Showa series. This movie has everything the early Daikaiju eiga (specifically Gamera) didn't have, development of characters, depth, and emotion of the monsters, and bloody awesome special effects! Although I haven't seen Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, I know enough about it to go along with the plot.

The movie starts out with Miss Nagamine, yes from G1, finding a dead Gyaos who has eaten a child and another person. After that some scientists find a graveyard of Gameras, where that went, God knows. Then they show some clips from G1, along with some newly filmed footage of a guy, a gal, and a cat getting killed, accidentally, mind you, by Gamera. this is all told n a dream by a girl named Ayana, of Hirosaka, they kept mixing it up, I couldn't tell. Anyway, she hates Gamera and wants some revenge, so she is constantly surly throughout the whole movie, God, why won't she just SMILE!. So she is bring bullied by some girls at her school, they tell her to go get a rock from some cave with a Ryushedo, guardian of the South. She goes to her adoptive brother, and he days something about some Chinese legend, why does he care about the Chinese? He tells her that if you can convince Ryushedo, Irys, that Gamera is the enemy, it will destroy him. Her "friend"'s grandmother says none should touch the stone, so, naturally, she does, an egg comes and thus, Irys is hatched. Moribe, the "friend", has a dagger his Grandmother gave him, he is supposed to kill Irys, should it ever hatch, but he has to kill when it's Small, he dosen't. Idiot. So Irys bonds with Ayana, and she is nurturing it to take revenge on Gamera. Gamera, meanwhile, is off killing Gyaos in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, killing 15-20,000 people, so the Defense Force declares Gamera a threat and orders him destroyed, bad idea. Irys now fuses with Ayana and becomes big. He kills a few people, Moribe then cuts Ayana from Irys, Irys gets angry, and kills half a village. He then gets very big. And very mean. The JSDF tries , in vain, to destroy Irys, but it wiped out a whole platoon, and flies towards Kyoto, where Ayana is. Why is Ayana in Kyoto? Because two boffy government agents have stolen her, Kurata Shinya, and Miss Asakura something or other, they kidnap her, and want to do something. I don't know what exactly. So Irys fights with Gamera in the air, but the JSDF shoot Gamera down, another bad idea. Irys lands in Kyoto, Kurata says one pf the best lines in the movie, and Gamera comes, let the bloodshed begin. Gamea and Irys engage in a rather bloody fight, and Gamera is left for dead. Irys now needs to complete the bonding, so it absorbs Ayana. Ayana now sees that her hatred for Gamera drove Irys to think of him as the enemy, so she doesn't want to bond with Irys, so Gamera rips her free of Irys, much to its dismay. So Irys stabs, and pins, Gamera's hand to the wall of the train station, then begins sucking the life force from Gamera. Seeing that he said losing his life force, he blasts off his arm, and the Irys fires a few fireballs at him, which he moulds into a sort of fist shape, ah, you thought they forgot about is fire controlling ability, did you? Well, ha they didn't! Anyway, Gamera plunges the fire fist into Irys, decimating it. Now he gives Ayana to Nagamine and Asagi, who try to revive her, but fail miserably. Gamera then roars and revives her. The JSDF now receive word of "lots"of Gyaos descending on Japan, and Gamera, with only one hand, goes out to challenge them. The movie ends with Gamera roaring a challenge to the sky amidst the flaming ruins of the Kyoto train station.

This is a radical diversion from early Gamera. Its dark, funny, and satisfying film. The acting was excellent, the directing was excellent, the script was excellent, everything was excellent. The way Mr. Kaneko beautifully transferred from suitmation to CGI, and the CGI was incredible, enough to rival even the big budget Hollywood. The Fight in the air was also really good, the way Gamera appeared from the F-15 pilot's point of view. And Irys was one of the best evil Daikiju ever. However, I can sympathize with Irys, because the only reason he went after Gamer was because Ayana told him to. My final critique, see it. You will love it.

Reviewed by edgoji 10 / 10

A monster movie that you don't have to apologize for liking

All too often, fans of giant monster movies have to explain their opinions on their favorite films with the caution, "but I admit so-and-so wasn't so good", referring either to the special effects or the story or some aspect of the production. Gamera 3 finally affords the fans of giant monsters a chance to dispense with the apologies. Those looking for cheesy fun will have to look elsewhere.

Director Shusuke Kaneko, sfx man Shinji Higuchi, writer Kazunori Itoh and a highly talented staff manage to pull off one of the toughest jobs imaginable...making people take a giant, flying and fire-breathing turtle seriously. No mean feat considering that the original Gamera was successfully conceived for an entirely different target audience, making the name Gamera synonymous with kiddie entertainment.

***Potential Spoilers***

Gamera 3 builds on the events of its two predecessors, culminating with what will be Gamera's final battle against Irys, a mutant strain of the Gyaos. Irys melds with a human girl, Ayana, who wants revenge on Gamera after witnessing her parents' death when Gamera fought the first Gyaos. This unholy union provides Irys the advantage over Gamera, the psychic link with a human, which Gamera had when it fought Gyaos years earlier. Oblivious to the terrible things that her help is enabling Irys to do, Ayana must ultimately depend on the one she hates to save her. The human and monster stories are so interdependent as to make one pointless without the other. This finely crafted story, with solid performances all around, makes Gamera 3 compelling viewing.

This film shows better than any other giant monster film what would truly happen if giant monsters fought in a populated city. The results are grim, yet wisely not graphic, the realism taking the viewer's breath away. The sfx crew manages to create both realistic and beautiful effects, with an endless string of money shots, particularly impressive for its paltry $6M budget, shaming films with budgets many times the size of this one. Creative, imaginative, innovative. In a genre where quantity and size of sfx scenes are often the goal, this film turns such conventions on their ears. The sfx scenes are economical, and the climax takes place inside the confines of a huge train station, the monsters' lack of mobility actually creating a final standoff with palpable tension.

A vote of 10 out of 10 should not be given easily, but Gamera 3 earns it. Simply put, Gamera 3 attains the goal that every film maker should be striving for--it is a good movie. Not just a good monster movie, but a good movie. No apologies necessary.

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