Gamera the Brave


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Horror / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 8 / 10

Much better than the cute looking Gamera makes you think its is

Restart of the Gamera franchise is a throw back to "the kid in peril" Gamera movies of the 1970's is actually better than it has any right to be.

The movie begins in 1973 when Gamera dies fighting a group of Gaos (bat-like creatures). Jump to now. Strange monsters are a thing of the past and the government disbands its giant monster bureau. Meanwhile in a town near where Gamera died, Toru, a young boy, is dealing with the death of his mother a year before. His dad runs a local diner and doesn't have time to really spend with him so he gets by playing with his friends including the girl next door. The boy notices an odd red light on an island in the harbor. Swimming over to investigate Toru finds a glowing red stone and an egg from which hatches a tiny turtle. Toru names the turtle Toto, then takes it home as a pet. He is forced to hide Toto from his dad since Dad won't allow a pet because of the diner. To Toru's amazement Toto begins it grow rapidly and in a few days is almost as big as Toru himself. More amazing is the fact that Toto can fly. Crossing through this story are news stories of missing ships in the sea. No one is sure whats going on. Whats going on is a giant monster from under the sea has begun to develop a taste for human flesh and he's soon come ashore where the people are plenty. Will Toto be able to grow fast enough to save his friend Totu? Of course he can.

This is a weird hybrid of the "Gamera and kids" films from the 70's and the gorier Gamera movies of recent vintage. Its a movie that shouldn't work for any number of reasons, the turtle is overly cute, the film for a good chunk of it is really a family drama/comedy which go against the nasty monster attacks. Somehow, I don't know why, it works. Maybe its because the characters seem real, even with the giant monsters. For some reason the filmmakers make you care about everyone, even the men in suit monsters. I was really pleasantly surprised.

No, its not a great film, especially when you compare the film to some of the recent giant monster films from Japan. But the film manages to over come its flaws (in particular a too precious for words kid relay toward the end of the film) to be a really solid adventure film that is more than just some people in suits beating on each other. (And yes the battles are, for the most part really good).

What may confuse some people is the cute look to the new Gamera, which makes the film seem like it would be perfect for really small kids. I'm certain that kids will like the film, but parents may wish to consider whether their kids can handle the blood (green though it maybe),some graphic spearing and the tearing of monster flesh. (I'm probably over stating the violence, however having only the pictures on the DVD case to go by, I was a little shocked by the couple of gory shots.) You have to keep in mind what type of movie this really is.

For me, a long time Gamera fan, this was a real treat. Worth seeing for anyone who likes the giant monster genre or those just wanting a non-run of the mill "family" movie (with giant monster fighting to the death) 7.5 out of 10, 8 out of 10 for IMDb purposes.

Reviewed by kevinxirau 7 / 10

Gamera returns with his title "The Friend of All Children".

I must say, this was an unexpected twist to the famous giant turtle. After having his successful run with the 90s trilogy, Gamera seemed to have taken a break. He returns in 2006 while his older brother/rival Godzilla is taking a vacation that ends in 2012. An all-new storyline is created for Gamera, once again gearing towards kids but with a more serious tone.

About thirty years after the first Gamera destroyed a flock of carnivorous Gyaos by blowing himself up to save humanity, a young boy named Toru finds an egg resting on a mysterious red stone. The egg hatches and out comes a cute baby turtle, who Toru finds companionship from. Named Toto, the turtle starts growing and exhibiting all too familiar powers: flight and fire-breathing. When Toto disappears one day, a giant sea monster called Zedus is going around eating countless victims. Toto arrives to the scene as the new Gamera to face this adversary, but it will take the intervention of Toru and his friends to help the giant turtle conquer this deadly foe.

This movie is surprisingly well done. None of the kids are annoying unlike the ones from the old films that make you wanna slap them in the face. All the characters have depth to them and emotions are conveyed very well. I was slightly moved by all this. The effects and creature designs are excellent and the battles between Gamera and Zedus are great.

I don't see much that's wrong with this installment of the Gamera series. I would like to see how they plan on continuing this cool saga. Check out this family/monster film and see for yourself.

Reviewed by gothic_a666 8 / 10

A family kaiju movie

When one thinks of giant monster movies what comes to mind is not family entertainment. The Gamera franchise was originally geared toward a younger audience but this entry still comes as something of a surprise given later developments. Gamera The Brave is more along the lines of ET than an actual effort in the kaiju universe. Which is not to say that it is a bad movie. On the contrary, it is precisely the initial parts in which the young leads bond with the little turtle that assure that the viewer is committed to the monster battles once they take place.

The Gamera in this movie is also a child so there is a handicap involved that adds suspense to the outcome. The lead actor, a little boy recently orphaned of his mother, bonds emotionally with his cute pet and the movie provides opportunities for him to grow without becoming a mini adult as so often happens in such cases. Some of the staples of the genre are almost completely absent such as military maneuvers and government ineptitude. There is no interest in developing such plot lines because at its heart what matters is the interaction between the boy and the new Gamera.

The movie may disappoint fans of giant monsters but it offers something that a broader audience can relate to and enjoy. At times perhaps a bit too sappy it is nevertheless enlivened by tight action scenes that are cleverly thought out. There are even lyrical moments such as when the children run against the flow of a fleeing crowd.

Here is a gem of touching cinema that is well worth being watched.

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