Gamera vs. Viras


Action / Adventure / Family

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Reviewed by r-c-s 8 / 10

good 60ish children's monster movie

I remember seeing this movie ages ago, and it still has its appeal. Of course Gamera, besides being an "answer" (thus a spoof) of Godzilla, wanted to offer an alternative, EG a positive hero (later spoofed by the "good" Godzilla movies ). It is clearly 60ish, thus we can't expect much from its effects. It is a children's movie as well, thus an adult audience can easily be disappointed, mainly in the 2 child actors hogging so much screen time Gamera barely plays second fiddle. The 2 child actors are somewhat annoying, but better than -say- the child in "Godzilla versus the smog monster" or the one with Gigan & Jet Jaguar. This movie being what it is, it's not bad at all in its genre. Friendly Gamera defeats alien invaders, only for them to be back mesmerizing it under their control via radio waves (another subplot seen dozens of times ). The two children save the day inverting colored cubes in the control panel. In the end the alien commander (some giant octopus ) must show its colors & fight Gamera itself. Lots of stock footage & a very low budget.

Reviewed by Wyrmis 5 / 10

Harder to Take than I Expected

No one goes into the old Gamera movies expecting brilliance. In fact, most watch them fairly openly to delve into the schlock, whether as a guilty pleasure or to enjoy mocking it. I am somewhere in the middle of these two. I have a massive high tolerance for "badness", especially when it is done in the spirit of earnest fun, but there was a couple of times where I just wanted to shut this one off.

The first reason was the flashbacks to which many viewers allude. Not only is there a roughly fifteen minute scene composed of much too large chunks of "fight" scenes from earlier movies, but there are at least two "major" scenes that are taken from the first and second movie and then played off as freshly happening. It is so poorly done, that the scenes from the first one are left in black and white, despite the rest of this movie being in color! The second reason was the utter illogic of this one, in places. A genius kid is one thing, if almost always annoying at times, but this one went above and beyond. Not only is the kid allowed to tamper with various things with almost no repercussion, but him and his friend are given far too much freedom in the middle half of the movie. It is almost like this is a kid's happy dream, as opposed to an abduction by a vindictive life force.

And the climatic decision...egads! All in all, I stuck with it, and finally just started laughing out loud at it machinations. The final scene has some really good moments, as well, including some really well staged smashes and jabs. I give it a solid five stars, I enjoyed it once my brain switched over into its mode of handling things.

Reviewed by judex-1 7 / 10

A fine introduction to the Giant Turtle

This has to be the hardest Gamera film to find, in these post NAMBLA days. It does have a whole bunch of recycled footage, but since it was my introduction to the character, it didn't bother me, until I saw the films it was swiped from, later on. After I saw this a whole bunch of times on KTLA, I became a serious fan. Yeah, it's cheesy, but I didn't care, and I still don't. The dubbing was supervised by Bret Morrison, a post-Orson Welles voice of "The Shadow" on radio, and he was pretty astounded when I asked him about it at a late-70's Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser. It's good cheese, and I wouldn't be without it! Also, this and "Super Monster Gamera" (even worse, for much the same reasons) are the two Gamera films that didn't get worked over by Mystery Science Theatre 3000.



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