Games of Survival


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 98

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebirth-lives 10 / 10

Keep An Open Mind

The review I read above pretty much hits the bullseye. I saw this movie along with another low budget title, directed and starring then unknown Peter Jackson, Bad Taste. Most movie watchers would regard it as well to be weak, no good. On a scale with hits like Star Wars or Die Hard those two aren't that good. But you must keep an open mind when watching each individual movie. I have watched,and studied movies for most of my life. Since surviving cancer at 20 yrs of age, I have had much more time, and opened my own mind further. However, just because Ilike it doesn't make it a good movie. Likewise, just because I don't like it, doesn't make it bad. Games Of Survival was so much fun to watch back then, we laughed out tales off. I admit it is low of low budget, and isn't nearly as good as Bad Taste, ...but once again they are totally different movies.

Reviewed by aladel-39865 5 / 10

Memories of good times

In 1990 I watched this movie, I watched it when I was young, I saw it as an unparalleled and beautiful movie, its idea is beautiful and the presentation is easy and not difficult or complicated, but the film's flaw is that it is closer to a TV movie, and fighting in it is like training between amateurs, lack of seriousness, lack of fear and lack of interest It appears clearly on the faces of the actors. The film is characterized by its calm, beautiful nature, with a beautiful idea and a sweet story, despite the simplicity of the film and the budget, but it is beautiful and it is enough that it is from the time of the good people.

Reviewed by zorikh 1 / 10

My god, this movie is weak

Shot on low-quality film, with mostly amateur actors, and low-quality post-production sound, this movie barely rises above the level of a home movie or student film. It apparently is an exercise for some stage-combat students to string together a few fight scenes with a plot about alien warriors being sent by an oppressive dictator to fight each other for a ball and survival. Even the fight scenes are disappointing. The warriors are given weapons, but lose them almost as soon as any fight begins. A fight in a bar does not even use anything in the bar (pool tables, barstools, etc). Unless you are a student of fight scenes and must see every fight scene ever made, no matter how boring, amateurish, and bad the movie is, avoid this one.

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