Gamestop: Rise of the Players



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Beyondtherain 10 / 10

The seats smelled like cigarettes, vinegar, and cheeseitz

The entire theater stench of cheese and doritos was extreme!! I heard 100 farts and 500 coughs. Cheese and doritos everywhere!! Power to the PLAYERS. Best film of 2022. Oscars nominees every single damn frame!! Go see this film! Run! Don't walk!!

Reviewed by Overtheredskies 10 / 10

The best film to hit the screens this year!

Take Gaslight, Casablanca, and Godfather part 2, this is what you get! I gave a standing ovation at the end! Bring tissues, and an extra diaper! This film is what the theaters were made for! GameSlop is amazing! This film hit every emotion and feeling i had!! I tripped over an oxygen tank when i exited the theater.

Reviewed by cwalker2881 10 / 10

You had me at hello...

This is what the stock market has come to. A free and fair market for John Q. Public long gone, but setup to make sure the wealthy get richer while taking the working classes money in order to do so. The amount of illegal activity on top of the LEGAL activity the market allows in order for hedge funds to line their pockets is mind blowing. The film was eye opening. Purchasing my first 10 shares of GameStop plus doubling down on AMC stock come market open Monday. Will not be using Robinhood. Even if this never takes off and I'm cheated out of every dime, it will have been worth the chance to take part in exposing and maybe one day fixing the corruption that has done the people dirty for far too long.

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