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Keywords:   love, coming of age, first love, teenage sexuality, teenage love

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Brett Dier as Todd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larrys3 5 / 10

Tough Film to Rate

For me, this was a tough film to rate. On the one hand I felt it exceptionally portrayed some of the exuberance of youth and first loves. Yet, the movie also was difficult to watch, at times, as it starkly illustrated the devastating pain and sadness that can accompany coming-of-age. as well.

Maybe it's me but I had difficulty discerning which character was which, as the film often appeared disjointed. So bottom line: some good positives here, like the performance of Noee Abita, but on the whole the movie, written and directed by Philippe Lesage, could only be given a fair rating for entertainment value, as I see it.

Reviewed by jromanbaker 7 / 10


The reviews seem very mixed here and there is a contradiction somewhere because the ratings it gets are very high. The last part in the camp was interminably long and what Lesage was trying to say eluded me. Before that section the film was fine, well acted and then we lost the characters and were in my opinion presented with a whole new film. It is a pity as I liked the slow pace, the music, the cruelty and fumbling way ' relationships ' form and fall about. The declaration of love in the classroom was a standout scene, and for me was at the heart of the film. But in all the scenario and direction of narrative did not hold its force. I watched it late at night and had paid no attention to how long it was and this may colour my view of the last section. It may well be a masterpiece, but like those first audiences for Antonioni's ' L'Avventura ' I was torn between booing it and applauding it. And please anyone who reads the keywords do not think this is an LGBT film. It could have been but to me the director clearly decided to make it ' Universal '. I use this dreadful word but that is how it seems here, and probably that was a mistake. To me Universal is just a studio! A difficult film.

Reviewed by Jesse_Ung 3 / 10

Despised this film

I saw this at the New Zealand International Film Festival and I truly cannot remember the last film I saw that had this much contempt and hatred for its characters. It wallows in misery and subjects its protagonists to so much cruelty, before deciding otherwise in a totally pointless and interminable third act. Performances are strong but they are in the service of people who aren't characters - are barely even a collection of ticks. On an aesthetic level, Genesis makes some truly puzzling choices; crash zooms, long unbroken takes of panning to and fro, repetitive use of the same dull pop songs and a really poor sense of pacing. The performances are truly the only thing that work, and at over 130 minutes long, the performances are a very small saving grace within this awful slog.

I am not one to go in gunning for a film, and I was actually quite excited to see this. I hated it from start to finish, I was in misery, and I highly doubt I will see a worse film this year.

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