George Carlin: You Are All Diseased


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Reviewed by eddiez61 10 / 10

Your Misery is My Entertainment

You don't get the highest joke-per-minute count with this one, but the laughs are so deep and satisfying, their build up so artfully and powerfully crafted, that each laugh is worth a dozen of any other comedian's. George Carlin unleashes the most furious, malevolent, blistering rant of his career, all the while reaffirming his place as one of America's all time greatest comics. What's so remarkable is that I thought I already knew just how p***** off George was. His ultra-anger may be a put on, a device masking his true gentler nature, but you'll swear he's about to spontaneously implode. Maybe the recent death of his longtime wife fueled him in a new way, or maybe he just keeps getting better. Either way, its an hour of searing, raging joy.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 10 / 10

Happy 70th, George!

Since today is George Carlin's 70th birthday, I wanted to review one of his stand-up performances. "George Carlin: You Are All Diseased" is one of the funniest stand-up performances that I've ever seen. It shows that Carlin hasn't lost his touch, as he assails every aspect of society. I never realized it before, but it's true: everyone BS's* us (including our parents and teachers). I couldn't agree with him more about religion, and he did have a good suggestion about preventing diseases. But no matter what, Carlin positively identifies that pretty much everything about our society turns us into a bunch of submissive little f--king pussies. A great experience.

*I assume that you know that BS is short for a word that I'm not allowed to write here; a word basically meaning "male-cow excrement".

Reviewed by falicethemalice 10 / 10

George nails it!

what can I say this man nails it right on the head, whether it's religion, politics, or whatever else. We need more people in the world like George carlin,not only is George funny as hell, he is also a very intelligent man and I truly admire him, not only can he make you laugh but he also makes you think. The whole show is basically him complaining about things but ya know what he raises a hell of a lot of good points. I would put George right up there with Bill hicks who is also a great comedian/philosopher. If you haven't checked this one out you should right away, check out the video store near you and see if they carry it along with anything else by George Carlin, any chain movie store should carry his stuff.

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