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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10

Do you miss us now?

Girls have been disappearing from near a bar in Randolph Co., "the heart of North Carolina." We see guys digging a grave so we know the killers drive a pick-up truck, smoke, have tattoos, are misogynistic, wear a cowboy hat, love country music, and are evangelical Christians. Every stereotype except a MAGA hat.

We are introduced to Tamara who is headed to the lake with two lesbian friends. Tamara dates a black deputy because Hollywood only allows interracial and gay couples for film distribution. The bad guys give Tamara a roofie and abduct her. She convinces them she is a witch and has placed a curse on them.

The film was interesting with a twist. The plot was poorly scripted as to not give away clues. In fact, it does the opposite as we see Brooke getting ready to defend herself with a hairdryer. Shouldn't she be packing heat?

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. small bikinis.

Reviewed by Wuchakk 3 / 10

Confused "woke" story about 3 killer hicks in North Carolina, Jaclyn Betham, and 2 girls kissing

In the heart of North Carolina a young woman (Jaclyn Betham) meets her two friends at a lake for a getaway (Scout Taylor-Compton & Landry Allbright), but she's kidnapped by two hicks and taken to their pa's backwoods homestead. Can she escape with her life? Can her two friends save her?

"Getaway" (2020) riffs on the cabin-in-the-woods plot with several good things going for it: The locations, cinematography, a few beautiful females, convincing misogynistic rednecks and good music, but it's ruined by several problems.

The most egregious issue is that the script lacks necessary detail and needed a couple rewrites to flesh out the potential of the story and make for more convincing characters. As it is, we have three hicks in the sticks that mix Evangelical Christianity with a twisted penchant for serial killing and loads of unexplained mumbo jumbo about saving their "angels" by killing them.

As for the girls, without revealing anything, let's just say the surprise isn't believable in the least, particularly based on what we know about these characters through their previous actions (remember the hairdryer scene?). This is eye-rolling fantasy.

Lastly, the "woke" checklist is too obvious and annoying: Evil redneck quasi-Christians, lesbians, misogyny, girl power, etc. Note to the director/writer: Including several scenes of beautiful women kissing can't make up for a script that sucks because you were too lazy and conscious of being politically (in)correct.

But statuesque Jaclyn Betham, who's reminiscent of Megan Fox, is well utilized and almost makes the flick worth seeing... almost.

The film runs 1 hour, 16 minutes, and was shot in Randolph County, North Carolina.


Reviewed by gwnightscream 4 / 10

Bland Horror Flick

This 2020 horror film stars Jaclyn Betham, Scout-Taylor Compton and Landry Allbright. This tells about 3 attractive girls, Tamara (Betham), Maddy (Compton) and Brooke (Allbright) that take a vacation and things take a dark turn when a a backwoods family cult targets them. This is a bland flick that starts off ok but falls apart. There's a bit of eerieness, nice settings and the girls are semi-watchable, but that's it. Probably a one time viewing horror fans.

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