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Daniel Roebuck as Bill Jankowski
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Reviewed by lisa4a 10 / 10

I got her...Getting Grace

Getting Grace: you get her or you may not but this movie hopes that you do. From the first moment I met them I liked the characters, Grace and her Mom and I became joyously lost to this story. I say joyously even though cancer is the catalyst for all that is to be. This film is not about cancer, it's about spirit, love and hope. Getting Grace is about a young lady with cancer who in seeking to find answers to what the world and her mom will be like without her manages to touch the many lives she meets along the way leaving their lives a bit better for knowing her and each other. She discovers on her journey that her quirky self will be missed and loved and that her life does matter. It's sweet, sad at times and uplifting. She (Grace) asks questions we think but do not say aloud sometimes. She is brave and hesitant hoping for the best and she is strong and honest, she brings out the best in those whose lives touch hers. It has some great milk out your nose laughs and it may make you cry a little, but you will enjoy the journey.

Reviewed by dave-mcclain 8 / 10

surprisingly enjoyable

"Getting Grace" (PG-13, 1:52) is a comedy drama directed by, co-written by and co-starring Daniel Roebuck. Roebuck's directorial debut, he describes it as "a love letter to the Lehigh Valley", the area in eastern Pennsylvania, where Roebuck was born and raised, where he filmed his movie and where he found most of his cast - including an amazingly talented lead actress in her first film role. The movie is about a teenager dying of a cancer and a funeral director whom she helps to live again.

Grace (newcomer Madelyn Dundon) isn't one to let a little thing like dying of cancer get her down. She's usually upbeat and often effervescent. Even when she's talking about her cancer, her gallows humor is disarming. When she starts talking with a humorless funeral director named Bill (Roebuck) about what's going to happen to her body when she dies, she sympathizes with the sadness in his past and sets out to help him get emotionally balanced - even if he doesn't want her help. Grace is also trying to make sure that her single mother (Marsha Dietlein) is going to be okay (emotionally & otherwise) after she's gone.

"Getting Grace" is unexpectedly enjoyable. The subject matter is sensitive, but Roebuck's efforts strike the perfect balance between taking it seriously and making it entertaining. Much of the credit for the latter goes to Dundon. Her character's charm is infectious and her performance is mature and effective beyond her years - and well beyond her level of screen acting experience. This is the kind of indie that deserves to be sought out by Movie Fans, who will likely feel they've discovered something special. "A-"

Reviewed by sara2618 10 / 10

Inspiring story to live life to the fullest!!

Such a uniquly catured story and well written! Comedic and heartwarming! The actors and actresses are Oscar worthy too!! No really!! This is a film you will see and never forget! Has left a special place in my heart! A must see again and again!

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