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Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat
Demi Moore as Molly Jensen
Tony Goldwyn as Carl Bruner
Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Agreeable and fascinating love story

The motion picture concerns upon the starring's killing (Patrick Swayze) who returns from beyond to save his lover (Demi Moore) harassed by a devious killer . He's helped by a likable psychic (Woopy Goldberg) .

In the film there are a wonderful love story , humor , tearjerker , suspense , action and a little bit of horror.

Runtime film is appropriate , isn't slow-moving but adjusted and the movie is very entertaining.

Woopy Goldberg's interpretation is fantastic and humorous , she was Oscar winner to the category for supporting cast , a very well deserved prize .

The lover couple , Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze , are riveting but overblown sweets.

Maurice Jarre musical score is fascinating but principal song is copied from Alex North's theme.

Direction by Jerry Zucker is first class , better than his previous films like ¨Airplane¨ , ¨Top secret¨ or ¨Ruthless people¨.

The movie will appeal to fantasy buffs and love stories fans.

Rating: 6,5/10 . Good and well worth watching.

Reviewed by drystyx 10 / 10

a lot of great scenes sign of a great movie

This may not be a classic, but it comes close. It has one big attribute of most great movies, a lot of great scenes. The story is about Sam, who has a great life, and this movie is the opposite of CLICK. Unlike that stupid movie, this guy doesn't want to fast forward his life with a beautiful loving wife and great career. But it is taken away from him when he is killed. He becomes a ghost. And that might be one of only two flaws in the story. Why he can project his needs when billions of other dead souls can't. But a great movie like this endears us to the characters and plot enough so that this is a very trivial flaw. He finds he can communicate with a fake spiritualist (Whoopi, in a role few could do as well), which is the second flaw, since we have a feeling we've seen this character in this instance all too often. Hoever, again, if the movie is good enough we can overlook this. Without making spoilers, I can only add that the movie satisfies the viewer. There is romance, humor, logic, adventure, suspense, and great scenes. Among the great scenes that make the movie (I'll only mention some) are the scene where Sam follows his friend to the killer's apartment (actually just about every scene with his friend is classic), the scene where Whoopi goes to the bank, the scene where she leaves the bank, the scene where Sam is a ghost in the office with his friend, the scene where the friend hits on Sam's woman, the first scene with the little dark men, the second scene with the little dark men...I could go on and on. What is lost in all of this is one of the greatest emotional bits of capturing character ever, when Sam realizes what is going to happen to an evil man when the little dark men appear the second time, and he expresses true sorrow and compassion for a man who stole so much from him. This is one of the most poignant and heroic scenes ever in any movie I would find it very hard to believe anyone could not enjoy this movie. Truly a winner. Know what? This is a classic.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 6 / 10

you'll go to heaven..


An interesting idea to project a concept that is clearly dark into a suave romance and good old drama with great music and moments which reminds you of the old romantic novels that plays its major part on the metaphorical emotions.

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