Ghost Dad


Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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Jonathan Brandis as Additional Voices
Barry Corbin as Mr. Emery Collins
Dana Ashbrook as Tony Ricker
Bill Cosby as Elliot Hopper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian-100 2 / 10

Face-pulling pointlessness with Bill Cosby

If one were to hear of a movie concerning the antics of a dead Bill Cosby trying to help his children, the cineast in you would not be stirred to see/rent it. However, I still managed to be unpleasantly surprised by the gall of this movie. Each turn around the seemingly aimless plot reveals fresh idiocy. Every moment of Cosby's acting seems an excuse for a new stupid face to pull, though even these become horrendous. One is left with an over-riding feeling of disbelief, after having been asked to suspend exactly that from new levels for the duration of the picture. I suppose really odd Dana Ashcroft fanatics may wish to see this. But this movie is for children. Stupid children.

Reviewed by sideburnsandbarley 10 / 10

The Cos' finest hour.

If you haven't seen this movie see it. Bill Cosby unsuccessfully tries to balance work and family, when he suddenly dies in a horrible car crash. He is then whisked away to HELL, AKA London, England, where a man named Edith trains him in being a ghost. Now Cosby must raise his kids as a Ghost Dad. The movie is insane. Cosby flies through walls, Pops out of a phone to strangle his daughter's boyfriend, declares himself Satan, and goes to his female neighbor's house for a little "afternoon delight". I've seen it 40 times. Why wasn't this masterpiece mentioned when director Poitier received the lifetime achievement award. "Edith is a Girl's Name!"

Reviewed by mnethersole 6 / 10

Not Bad!

OK so let's be honest here "Ghost Dad" is not any place near to being a great movie or the best movie you will ever watch. But at the same time it is also not what so many people say it is which is a horrible movie or even "the worst movie of all time"... for one thing it is Bill Cosby back in his time as one of the best comedians and entertainers, in his prime. So that alone means that there is going to be some really funny entertainment value in this movie. The movie can be a little darker than most things you would expect out of Bill Cosby but in a way that made it a little more special. I don't want to give away too much of the story for you people but near the beginning Cosby is in a horrible car accident with a crazy devil-worshipping cab driver and comes back as a ghost, trying to get back to his family and learning what's really important in his life.

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