Ghosts of Christmas Past


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 133

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

A bit different story

The title might be misleading. I was thinking some variation of A Christmas Carol, but it's not that at all. It's based on the practice of "ghosting" dates. Ellie is told she has to reconcile, or at least apologize, with all the men she has either ghosted online or in real life, or else be cursed. So, she enlists her co-worker to help her track them all down. Meanwhile the two of them are working on a pitch for a game they want to develop.

Ellie and Charlie spend a lot of time together between the two tasks and build a relationship. Dan Jeannotte plays Charlie. Charlie is more laid back than Ellie and almost irreverent about real life. Annie Clark's Ellie is meticulous. Their chemistry together is good as their characters rough out each other's edges.

In some ways it is an unusual premise even though at the roots it is one where two co-workers get thrown together. Tracking down the ghosted men adds something different. It seems like this is going to be an average story with no highs or lows, but then there is a twist. It caught me totally, but I think I should have seen it coming. From the point where the twist is revealed, the story gets interesting with several good moments. Good acting and directing.

Reviewed by nimitz541 1 / 10

Uhhhh huh

I wish I could meet up with the ghost of christmas past... so he could take me to the past to avoid all these horrible movies... Yet another american christmas trash movie for your pleasure. Such a disgrace..

Reviewed by marktwains 10 / 10

Sweet and Christmas-y comedy

Just finished watching movie and I loved it. It's so Christmas-y, sweet and such a loving comedy, Annie Clark did a wonderful job in a movie, everyone who get a chance to see the movie - don't ever miss it. This movie belongs to a watch list for Christmas with friends and family.

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