2022 [POLISH]

Biography / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thenewone-38407 1 / 10


Absolutely dramatic in every way. Dramatic acting, editing and screenplay. A movie that knows Polish history is simply offensive. A conglomerate of idiotic nonsense.

Reviewed by ikar-as 9 / 10

Gierek - he wanted well, and it came out in Polish

A film that ex-communists will not like, and there are still some of them in Poland. The film evokes feelings of amusement and despair in Polish viewers. Older viewers may recognize certain facts from the era, but only by watching this film can they find the answer to the question why and how?

But how much truth is there in it?

Poland has never accounted for the wrongs suffered by red compatriots.

Certainly, the film will arouse a lot of emotions ... extreme, from left to right.

Reviewed by katevanka 2 / 10

Bad acting, bad storytelling,

It's an interesting part of Polish history and I was excited to see it on screen. Pictures, acting, scenography, dialogue was so bad that I actually left 30 min before finale - doesn't happen, ever... maybe I'll watch the end when in becomes available on streaming platform just for a sake of it ... See it for yourself...

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