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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zxdex88 8 / 10

The real Gilbert Gottfried

A behind the scenes look at the life and comedy of Gilbert Gottfried. My impression: Gilbert is a comedic genius who is often misunderstood, misinterpreted. In real life he is a sweet, kind caring guy, a real family man with two kids and a good marriage. He gets himself into trouble (and sometimes fired) because he has no filter, he just goes right ahead and says what we all are thinking in the deep recesses of our minds, and he makes it sound hilarious....but often not "politically correct". So he gets into trouble and then he regrets it. But he's actually a brilliant comedian and, little know of the greatest impressionists in all of show business. I've actually never seen a better impressionist than Gilbert. Who else does an impression of character actor John McGiver?! It was surreal and hilarious when he went into his McGiver impression for a baby! Unfortunately he doesn't do impressions very much any more. Great documentary. I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by beastiemca 10 / 10

A detailed look into the life of Gilbert Gottfried

I've been a fan of Gilbert Gottfried ever since seeing the Problem Child movies as a kid and one of his early (and few) stand-up specials. Gilbert also made what seemed like countless cameos in movies all throughout the 80's and 90's and even had a brief stint as part of the Saturday Night Live cast. In the 2000's he was was still famous mostly for his role as the Aflac mascot (the duck) and was a frequent guest- roaster. Presently, he is still a touring comedian and has a very well received and informative podcast, in which he and his co-host, chat with Hollywood legends, such as Dick Van Dyke, Dick Cavett and all sorts of other Dicks..

Chances are, if you're reading this, you already know Gilbert in some aspect, maybe for his infamous telling of the Aristocrats joke, his infamous firing for his tweets, or some other infamy surrounding the prolific comedian.. What you most likely don't know, is that Gilbert is a husband, a father, a brother and son. The squinting eyed, harsh voiced, foul mouthed comedian is a human being, but barely.

Sometimes Gilbert comes off more as an alien who crash landed on Earth during puberty and was never quite able to blend in amongst actual humans. This documentary shows you the REAL Gilbert Gottfried and makes a fine attempt at explaining who he is and why he is... It's interesting, funny and heart warming. If you've ever asked yourself "I wonder who would ever have sex with that Jewish guy who squints and yells a lot" this movie is for you.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 9 / 10

one of the great documentaries of this year

Gilbert appears to be just a profile of its main figure, the inimitable Gilbert Gottfried (if you hear his voice once you'll never forget it). It turns out Neil Berkeley, who followed Gottfried around for almost a year, was out to capture everything in his life and got both the mundane (but in amusing ways, like we literally see him clean his socks and underwear... in the sink in his hotel room) and the insightful. We see his family and their accomplishments (his late sister, Arlene, was a photographer), and specifically his wife and two kids, which he got late in life (he's in his 60's but doesn't look a day over 59). There's so much humanity bursting all around that it's sometimes easy to forget how much of a crumudgen Gilbert is... or that that is a cover for being a shy, basically good hearted person who has had a few blows in the public eye (sometimes of his own doing, but nothing ever maliciously meant).

This really was quite heartwarming, and what's lovely about it is that the director makes it about something deeper than just Gilbert (though he is as Stephen King once noted, a national treasure): we're seeing the vulnerability that comes with a person who uses comedy, and his show-business persona in general, as a defense mechanism because the world is such a cruel and terrible place. While he may claim to see his current family as something out of a "Twilight Zone" episode, or compare first seeing his first child like Karloff's Frankenstein coming up to the little girl by the pond in the film - his pop culture references know no limit, just listen to his podcast for that - Gottfried brings genuine joy for people, and that's all he can do.

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