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Reviewed by Blue-Grotto 7 / 10

compelling and real

In a scrappy, plucky West Bank zoo a lone veterinarian and his 10 year old son care for the animals as best they are able. The boy has a special fondness for giraffes. When the noise and chaos from an Israeli airstrike kills one of the giraffes its mate, Rita, goes on a hunger strike. Like some people, giraffes cannot live alone. Only another giraffe companion will help Rita, yet when it is difficult to cross a checkpoint with so much as a tote bag, the possibility of smuggling a giraffe across the border appears to be slim to none. The film is inspired by a real story. It is a compelling story with interesting quotes and a parallel romance. The film never quite fires on all cylinders however, especially towards the end. The romance could have been better for sure. Seen at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

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