Girl in Golden Gate Park



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jane81 10 / 10

A Timely Tale: Very Real Life issues and Emotions

I watched this with a couple of room-mates that are new to the city, whereas I have lived in SF for almost three decades.

I have unfortunately felt the pain of eviction and currently worry about loosing my current home as well after loosing my job due to the pandemic.

So I can attest to the fact that the issues and emotions at play in this film really felt authentic and connective. And the lovely imagery has inspired me to visit golden gate park more.

My roomies struggled a bit. It made for a long substantive discussion about the state of SF's housing crisis and inspired my room mates to donate to a couple of local non-profits. It really opened their eyes.

It's so beautifully moving!

Reviewed by debthekid 10 / 10

A bittersweet love story to San Francisco

When I moved here 30 plus years ago I was awestruck by the the beauty of Golden Gate Park. I moved here in December and to experience the exotic lushness after only knowing Central Park or Boston Common as my touchstones seemed...well the difference was otherworldly, I was totally enchanted. But beautiful as it was it was it was hard for me to establish roots as there was a recession and jobs were difficult to come by. Having ridden that rollercoaster and survived I have an enormous appreciation for this poetic piece by J.P. Allen, writer, director and Cathy Montosa his life partner and producer in simultaneously evoking a place and a time in conflict. A beautiful place where we feel, we know we belong but fate and circumstances are conspiring against us. To incorporate such stunning imagery with a suspenseful storyline is an achievement. All 3 women deliver Bravero performances or is that bravera because I think the establishing of 3 female main characters was a brave stroke of genius. I especially appreciated the special attention to the sound track, it added so much to feel of the film. A lovely thought provoking film. This is what independent film is all about,

Reviewed by mindware01 10 / 10

The real of what we feel.

Living in San Francisco is being priced out of what a well paid individual can afford. Being pushed out of your home is a terrible thing.

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