Girls for Rent


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 517

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Artemis-9 7 / 10

Don't spit on this film!

You may have put aside all the trash from trash video distributors like, you know, the ones behind this; you may think you won't give Al Adamson (director) or Samuel Sherman (producer) a second chance to trip you into a poor evening watching cheap soft-core, but!... This jewel of a cheap, quick movie here, made up in 60 days, has superb acting, reasonable direction, well photographed mountain and desert scenarios, creditable script (with not that many goofs), and - being a crime movie, action, thriller - a surprise ending. No, I won't reveal if it's better for you to drive into the desert with a car full of petrol, or without it. You shall find by yourself. If you can find this videotape somewhere, rent it, buy it, or rob it. If you had seen it, you'd opt for the third option, for sure :-))

Reviewed by stricklandpat 6 / 10

A gem from the 70's

For a while now, I've been on a quest to find hidden epic film experiences in what most people consider trash. I've come pretty close on many occasions, but possibly never so close as with this film. Al Adamson, the director, had a singular vision. A vision that admittedly fell short sometimes, but nonetheless provides for a viewing experience that is always, to say the least, unique. Georgina Spelvin, the overwhelmingly underrated star of the original "The Devil in Miss Jones", rips to shreds the southwestern Arizona scenery in Adamson's "I Spit on your Corpse", AKA "Girls For Rent". Here she plays a chain gang killer who makes her escape while on a desert road crew, killing several guards on her own. Once back in the loop, she's hired to hit a greedy politician, and so plans his demise with a heart attack inducing drug to be administered to him by a hooker who also works for the Man who hired Georgina. The hooker freaks when he dies because she was told it would just knock him out so they could take incriminating pictures of him. She goes on the run and hit-man logic states that if shes scared enough to run, shes scared enough to talk. So Georgina and her tough talking 70's style Black female partner, Played by Rosalind Miles set out after her across the desert of Arizona. Even though our hooker heroine has quite the head start, the salt and pepper hit ladies soon catch up with her. But because of poor driving skills or under performing Ford Pinto's they lose their prey. Then after a series of near misses and brutal outbursts the film climaxes with a very, almost, satisfying climax that even while being a little too convenient, still packs quite a punch. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a cool 70's vibe in their action quest.

Reviewed by movieman_kev 4 / 10

A (quasi) good Al Adamson film, who would've thunk it?

Low-budget schlock director, Al Adamson & frequent collaborator, John D'Amato tell this story of Sandra Tate (adult movie star Georgina Spelvin of "Devil in Miss Jones" & "the Jade Pussycat" fame) a prisoner who escapes from custody during a cat-fight between the other female prisoners before she's picked up by Erica, a member of a crime syndicate who whisks her away to the head of said organization who promptly offers her a job which she promptly accepts. When the prostitute whom she hires to help eliminate her first assignment (a politician with a bad heart) bugs out and skips town for the border, Sandra & Erica are hot on her trail to tie up this loose end (no pun intended)

I'm not usually too found of Al Adamson helmed films (Doctor Dracula & Dracula Vs. Frankenstien are utterly abysmal), but compared to his other output, this picture is actually pretty good. Doesn't hurt that I like Georgina Spelvin and think she was an under-rated golden age adult star (speaking of which she plays a real piece of work here) The movie drags in parts and has some filler, but the dune buggy/car chase was pretty good and although the movie was far from perfect I didn't feel as if I wasted my time watching it.

Eye Candy: Sandy Carey & Tallie Cochrane get topless; Susan McIver and Georgina Spelvin both show T&A

My Grade: C-

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