Girls! Girls! Girls!


Comedy / Musical

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 3164

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Elvis Presley as Ross Carpenter
Laurel Goodwin as Laurel Dodge
Stella Stevens as Robin Gantner
Lance LeGault as Bass Player at Nightclub

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by XweAponX 10 / 10

Probably my favourite "Elvis Girl"

Elvis movies always had an "Elvis Girl" just like Bond Films have (a) "Bond Girl(s)" - In Elvis' case, Several Elvis Girls.

I don't mean Stella Stevens, who could stand on her own and has a great part in this film, I mean Laurel Goodwin, who was "Yeoman Colt" in the original Star Trek Pilot "The Cage"- This is probably the only feature film I've seen her in, and she is given more than just two lines to say. I think I liked her because she looked like a normal girl rather than a cardboard cutout like the girls in these kinds of films usually looked like.

Like someone else has said, if they would have just allowed Elvis to ACT, these films would have been a lot better, Elvis was actually a great actor, and the part Glen Campbell had in True Grit was actually meant for Elvis: It is too bad that he was not allowed to play that part.

I've actually seen one Elvis film - A Western, where he doesn't sing every 5 minutes.

This film is not as over the top as Blue Hawaii, but still it is inundated with Elvis Singing - Which I love, but there is such a thing as too much of something, when something is overdone, you want to run from the room, screaming, as if someone had scratched their fingernails over a chalkboard- This film does that on a lesser level than most of his others.

One interesting item are the two little "chinese" girls Ginny and Elizabeth Tiu with which Elvis sings "Earth Boy", whose sister Vicky played Sue-Lin in "It Happened At The World's Fair".

Reviewed by starracer007 8 / 10

Elvis rocks in "I Don't Wanna Be Tied"!!!

One of Elvis' best movie song performances comes in this film, and it's "I Don't Wanna Be Tied". The King is electrifying in this number! I like it better than "Return To Sender", which was the big seller. Elvis shakes and bakes like there's no tomorrow! Next to "C'mon Everybody" from "Viva Las Vegas", I think Elvis does his best movie dancing. EPE ought to re-release this song as they did with "A Little Less Conversation".

Stella Stevens was cool in this film as well.

The King's acting is unusually strong in this film. He has an edge here that is not often seen in his other roles. The scenes with Jeremy Slate and Elvis are particularly entertaining. His character (Ross Carpenter) is in a fix financially and Elvis' edge suits the role.

I think that as the formula plot movies piled up, you can see Elvis just kinda going through the motions, and not developing a character.

Let's face it - Elvis Presley was about as handsome and talented as a man could be. It's a shame that the Colonel put him on the movie treadmill with banal vehicles.

I've heard that Elvis was offered the role of Tony in "West Side Story", but the Colonel's greed screwed up the deal. What a shame. It could have put Elvis in a serious direction cinematically. The role went to Richard Beymer, who was panned by the critics. I think of Elvis singing "Maria", "There's A Place For Us", and I know he would have been fantastic.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

Kingfisher Elvis! He croons to the ladies, catches tuna, and cooks a good meal...

A bit odd, but generally pleasing, colorful Elvis Presley vehicle casts the singing star as a tuna fisherman who longs to buy his own sailboat; he takes a job as a nightclub entertainer (nearly usurping former-girlfriend Stella Stevens) and balks at women who want to buy him things in exchange for his affection (another poor guy with principles!). Stevens is a tough broad who looks like she's been around a bit, though she's still a better fit for Elvis over newcomer Laurel Goodwin, who twinkles like a bobby-soxer. Elvis actually shows great passion for Goodwin (kissing her in the rain, even speaking of marriage), but she just doesn't seem his type. Musically, Elvis goes International: singing Chinese, dancing a Spanish Tango, crooning Calypso. In the rock 'n roll opener, he sings, "I'm just a red-blooded boy and I can't stop thinking about girls" (if he didn't like girls, what color would his blood be then?). The prettiest song, "Mama", is sung not by Presley but rather The Four Amigos, while Stevens seems to do her cabaret act in between various arguments. Goodwin (secretly rich) takes a job in a hat-shop, but why--to prove she has principles too? The script makes no sense, and the hot-headed character conflicts are contrived, but Jeremy Slate is a convincingly wormy adversary for Elvis, and E.P.'s performance is blithe and easy-to-take. **1/2 from ****

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