Girls Nite Out


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 1333

Keywords:   slasher, college, cheerleader, ohio, scavenger hunt

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Julia Montgomery as Lynn Connors
Hal Holbrook as Jim MacVey
Richard Bright as Detective Greenspan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drownnnsoda 8 / 10

Not the exploitation trash they may have you believe...

"Girls Nite Out" focuses on an isolated Ohio college campus where a group of cheerleaders are preparing for an annual all-night sorority scavenger hunt after the university's victory basketball game. What would be a fun evening for these young women is everything but when a killer dressed in the school's mascot bear suit is stalking and murdering them throughout the night, and the suspicious death of a local asylum patient and former student has the campus security guard (Hal Holbrook) on high lookout.

I had been curious about this film for a long time, and when I finally decided to get a hold of it, my expectations were low due to an overwhelming amount of negative reviews on the internet. While the title "Girls Nite Out" doesn't exactly paint this movie as a class act, I was extremely surprised at how "usual" the film was in terms of slasher protocol, and un-trashy it actually was. I went in expecting something along the lines of "Slumber Party Massacre", and ended up getting a film that had more in common with "Friday the 13th" and "Prom Night" than anything else.

Despite its little-known reputation and apparent sleaze cinema status, the film benefits greatly from slick production values, decent camera work, and surprisingly good acting. Add to that list a handful of unexpectedly bloody murder scenes at the hands of a bear mascot (wielding multiple claw-knives in hand, ala Freddy Krueger, no less), and this is actually a well-rounded slasher movie.

Despite the film's quality production, I think what makes "Girls Nite Out" most unique (and successful) is the killer himself. The bear suit, which might sound corny if you haven't seen it, is actually quite eerie. With large, yellow/green cartoonish eyes, the image of it lurking around the campus is actually really terrifying. Of course, the girls all think that it's the jokester mascot who they know all too well, and that dramatic irony adds a sense of tension to the confrontation scenes. The dark college campus is a perfect setting for the film, and the accompanying score provides heavy doses of unease.

While the film is actually something of a slow burner (the first murder doesn't take place until a good 45 minutes into the film, and the first act is made up of college kid charades which gives the audience a little time to understand the characters, and the writers to flesh out a couple of infidelity subplots), the murder sequences are a payoff for slice-and-dice horror fans. The second murder actually caught me off guard by how graphic it was, and the fact that the killer screams at the female victims, calling them "sluts" and "whores" while digging serrated knives into their necks is pretty disturbing. Like I said before, some of the scenes are surprisingly bloody, while a couple of others are suggestive rather than gratuitous (namely the scene in the chapel attic), but they are all equally effective.

As I mentioned before, the acting in this film is surprisingly good, especially for a movie of this calibre. Hal Holbrook plays a stern campus cop, and the rest of the cast is fleshed out by a group of lively college-aged kids who are more believable than they need to be in an '80s slasher flick. The only real quip I have with the film is that it loses a focal point near the end— in fact, it's hard to tell if it had one in the first place. There are a lot of characters and the script keeps the audience well-acquainted with several of them, but it's difficult to pinpoint a central protagonist, which is mildly problematic once the police and investigators enter the film in the last half hour to try and solve the murders. That said, the absence of one discernible protagonist eliminates the clichéd "final girl", so there is equal playing ground.

The reveal at the end of the film is slightly anticlimactic, but besides that is actually well-handled and bizarre, and greatly acted by the villain (whom I'm not going to name). The final frame of the film is definitely up there as far as "creepy endings" go. Overall, "Girls Nite Out" is overlooked and underrated among its counterparts, and is a lot better than it should be and a hell of a lot better than its reputation. If you like slasher films and appreciate the genre, then give this one a go. 8/10.

Reviewed by warsystem04 7 / 10

HIGHLY underrated and overlooked slasher

I've seen nothing but poor reviews for this movie all over the internet, and after finally watching it I have absolutely no clue why. "Girls Nite Out" not only contains every element of a good slasher flick, but most of the elements and nuances of a GREAT slasher flick. After popping in the original VHS of the film that I recently acquired, the grainy, dark atmosphere was immediate.

A college is having it's annual sorority scavenger hunt on campus, but someone is picking the girls off one by one. There are multiple events leading up to the scavenger hunt that create quite a wide range of suspects, and I absolutely did not guess the killer, something that is rare for me after having seen so many movies in the genre. Once the bear suit was donned by the murderer and the knife hand was made (so perfect, bravo), I truly knew I was dealing with something out of the norm. The bear suit is comical, but is at the same time very twisted, lulling the victims into security and having "that look" to it.

While the plot itself is not too out of the ordinary, character relationships, legitimate suspenseful moments and a dark atmosphere work for this film. The ending is also highly noteworthy and creepy, although it does borrow from "Psycho" quite a bit (what doesn't?). There is no nudity, and no gore aside from lots of blood, but not even this bothered me. The bear grabbing the victims and whispering misogynistic rants is quite perfect enough. The tie in to the history mentioned throughout the movie of the other crime is fully realized, and I was not bored even though there are multiple extended scenes of partying, dialog and walking.

"Girls Nite Out" might just be THE most criminally underrated slasher film I've seen so far. Most of the harder to find and obscure titles in the genre are buried deep for a reason, but "Girls Nite Out" is a shining example of what atmosphere, creativity, character development and a great ending can do for an otherwise basic film. Don't let IMDb or some horror blog fool you, this one is crucial.

Reviewed by alanmora 8 / 10

An odd little horror gem

This film is an odd little piece of horror history. It stars Hal Holbrook (Creepshow), Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest)and Julia Montgomery (Revenge of the Nerds) and features a murderer wearing a dancing bear costume. The murder sequences are goofy but then again so is the entire film. Like a train wreck, you will not be able to take your eyes off of it and the bizarre musical score and odd sense of humor make this a fun little horror gem to have around the house. The film centers around a series of murders taking place on a college campus during their annual "scavenger hunt"...and just when you think you know who the murderer is, the film springs the classic horror movie "surprise" twist ending on you that makes you scratch your head and say "Huh?" This is an excellent "party" film since you really don't have to pay all that much attention to it. Recommended for fans of the "slasher film" genre.

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