Gitler kaput!

2008 [RUSSIAN]

Action / Adventure / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MrVoxPopuli 10 / 10


Details are soooo great, awesome trash comedy movie.

Reviewed by zina11111111 8 / 10

great film

I haven't laughed so much in ages... the director is brilliant - daring - how about Buzz Luhrman meets Mel Brooks with a touch of Tarentino. Plot needs work, and yes, it is not structurally perfect, far from it, but it is so well done, and so funny, and so imaginative and original (key word) - that I can forgive much. This director has a serious future. I would recommend this to anyone who has not sworn allegiance to the politically correct and who loves a crazed romp. Certain scenes are to die for - such as the scene where Hitler uses potatoes to explain the how-to in the Russia/Germany conflict. I bet that the 3rd picture of this director will be a world blockbuster. Makes Borat look flat.

Reviewed by Taburetka13 10 / 10

Great comedy, love the movie! If you are not Russian you will not get it.

If you are not familiar with Russian pop culture you will not get anything out of this movie besides grotesque scenes of action and bizarre dialog. In reality this movie pays a great homage to the old soviet spy movies. Especially the cult spy series "twelve moments of spring", from which it borrows most of the characters. It is also relentlessly pokes in the most satirical way at todays new Moscow corporate Russia, by presenting it in the form of the third Reich. This movie is comedy genius. Great selection of actors, with some Russian comedy heavy weights. I struggle to see how anyone non Russian would get what the movie is about. But if you watch it, don't judge it as it is not made for the Western audience.

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