Gladiators of Rome

2012 [ITALIAN]

Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 1515

1st century ancient rome gladiator

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Plot summary

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William Hope as Fabrickius
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stefanozucchelli 6 / 10


Simple but good movie with funny characters and characterized properly in their simplicity.

While not shining for the complexity of the plot, it is a dignified and functional work.

Reviewed by phoenix-87937 8 / 10

Really Good; for Adults Too

Really well done. I didn't realize it was animation when I set the DVR. It is fine for kids, but is interesting enough for adults to enjoy, too. I saw the English version when it was on one of the free cable channels.

I can understand why kids today aren't interested in the cartoons from years ago, the technology has advanced so much.

We follow a young boy from Pompeii to Rome, where he is weak and timid and not really interested in much. His stepfather tries to make him strong and bold, and find and develop his talents. And therein lies the plot.

I would say for around 6 years old and up, and definitely all the way up through adulthood.

Reviewed by Ontzak2 7 / 10

Watch the original Italian version instead.

This movie was done by some of the same people who did the Nickelodeon episodes of Winx Club, including the Americans of Paramount/Viacom who SHOULD know what they're doing, so I am surprised that the English version is so much clunkier compared to the original Italian one. I watched some of the original Italian and all of the English version, but the Italian version was easier to sit through and I don't even speak that language. In the English dub, there were some lip sync issues and out-of-place slang (very Dreamworks-y), and the voice actors did a "meh" job, especially Timo (the main character). The Italian ones just seemed to try harder, plus in Italy, the voices were an all-star cast including Belen Rodriguez. The 3D animation was the best part, and it looks very similar to the 3D scenes in Winx. Some of the scenes look well-lit and beautiful, but other times the faces look too stiff/doll-like and it is distracting.

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