Go Fast

2008 [FRENCH]

Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1847

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Catalina Denis as Gladys
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leprutz13-1 2 / 10

Boring car movie with not a lot of cars

This french thriller has nothing of a thrill but a sleeping pill. If you want to go to bed watch this movie. It'll do you some good.

A cop who's partner (boss) and friend of his, gets killed, He wants vengeance and does so infiltrating a drug dealer gang who transports Drugs from Marocco to France. Basically nothing you haven't seen before

Story wise... I thought the story was more then typical, full of clichés. All the characters actually are the same, no emotions at all. They all do speak a few words and nothing more. Only the girl does some acting but then, for me it seemed over acted. Like she tried to hard. The direction of the movie is a plain disaster in means of originality. It's typical nice shots and usual shots, mostly blurry by the way (new way of docu style maybe), it was intentional, therefore it doesn't work as an artistic visual asset. The editing may be the only good thing, but then you ask yourself: Was there anything more to edit and who edited it? Editor or director? Basically the magic of editing is the rhythm of a movie and this one fails. No rhythm at all.

The music itself might have been a good asset, but I thought the directors choice in putting the music where he believed it belonged was just wrong. Most of the movie no music at all and when there should have been, there wasn't and when u expect no music, there is. I have the original soundtrack which is a masterpiece when you ride your car, but in the movie all this art from the hand of Agoria Dj, was butchered.

In my opinion if you want something new with a lots of speed and action packed road flick, I still recommend Mad Max (the original first movie). Leave this one out cause even bad teen romantic comedies are better.

Reviewed by philjeudy 6 / 10

So so

This "polar" (French use this term for this type of movie) does not have enough impact. But more importantly: never use a French actor to pretend be an American citizen speaking French with a fake American accent. It's ridiculous and it kills it!

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