God Calling



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TellyaLater 2 / 10

Real and Ridiculously UNreal

What I loved about the movie was the powerful grief shown by the actors. And the genuine emotions from others. That was real. Dialog was well written too, but the script and movie? Not only unrealistic, but ridiculously so.

There was a scene that was cut or redone about Sade believing she was to go East. Francis was incredulous BUT...she hadn't even said "East" at that point lol (at least not in Netflix version).

And the miracles, ideology, storyline..very much shows just how much superstition still exists in Nigeria and in Christianity.

The Bible was written with grossly outdated Bronze Age ideas AND btw, infidelity is the ONE reason the Christian hoky religion slave book allows for divorce. So yeah, Nigeria still has a loong way to go.

Music was very pretty.

Reviewed by dcmitchng 8 / 10

An amazing piece of work

Truly, I went into the movie not really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprise. There are some scenes i am yet to recover from. Beautiful piece of work, stuff that classics are made of. I am really going to see it again!

Reviewed by scottalstes 2 / 10

Messy, forgettable, slow and boring

The film started out pretty strong, but then it went downhill fast. Its characters (especially Sades) are messy and have many poorly executed emotions and phases of grief or happiness. The movie can be uplifting but it gets ruined by constant unneeded crying. Seriously there is so much crying that it becomes a problem. It is very and i mean a VERY slow film and only starts to begin to get somewhat interesting near the end. So that is why this film (in my opinion) is terribly forgettable.

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