Goddess of Love


Drama / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1344

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Alexis Kendra as Venus
Rachel Alig as Gossip Girl #1

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Reviewed by manuelasaez 8 / 10

Hell hath no Wrath like a Psychotic Woman Scorned

Holy crap, what an awesomely entertaining film. I purposely knew nothing about it, other than the written synopsis, and the film ended up being of the most well-made American films I have seen in a long time. The premise starts off simple enough; a very pretty girl meets a man at a strip club and a relationship blooms. Unfortunately, things start to go south very quickly. The level of crazy in this is commendable, and I found myself chuckling at how disturbingly psychotic the female lead became, and by the time the credits start to roll, you are left with a sense of satisfaction that no loose ends were left, which in itself is a success. Coupled with a talented cast, great use of practical special effects, and some amazingly beautiful cinematography (seriously, there were times when I paused the film and thought to myself, "That would make a beautiful painting"), this film is an achievement in cinematic excellence, as far as I am concerned. The people responsible for this should be commended for not only showing the world what films can become at the hands of competent people, but also what a love for the craft embeds into the final product. A treat from start to finish, the writer/director has a new fan and I look forward to what this creative team does next.

Reviewed by davillain-92109 7 / 10

A delicious descent into madness.

Goddess Of Love stars actress Alexis Kendra, a very beautiful and stunning woman, to which I was pleasantly surprised how good she was in this film. With films like 'Hatchet II' on her resume, I didn't expect much from her.

Alexis plays a stripper called 'Venus', which happens to be her actual birth given name, which she confirms to another co-stripper (lol right now for my co-stripper comments) during a conversation or lesson per-say on how to get more money from the men who come to the club. Venus uses this information and garners the attention from a customer named 'Brian', a photographer. Soon there after the two began a passionate relationship. During such time Brian tells Venus about his ex-wife, in which we find out that she had committed suicide. Brian also conveys on how much his misses her, and that Venus resembles her. Venus becomes the attentive adoring girlfriend, but we soon find out that Brian's heart and mind is not into the relationship as much as she is. Which was surprising to me due to the fact that Venus was smoking hot and was what most men would want in a woman as such....on top of being a super sexy stripper?! She cooks for him, wants to spend time with him, does sexy strip routines at home for him and more.

During the film, or maybe I should say in the beginning of the film we see that for all that makes her a man's dream girl...Venus has some issues...mental issues. Vivid hallucinations, voices etc. Brian soon sees less and less of Venus, calling off dates and or making excuses not to see her. Venus begins to stalk Brian and sees what she thinks is Brian spending time with another woman. After which Venus descends deeper into the realm of madness, and obsession.

It's almost sad to see how it all plays out. Goddess of love is a mixture of 'Play misty for me, Fatal Attraction' and other films in this particular genre. Yes we've all seen it before, but not quite like this. Predictable at times, but that doesn't matter, you'll enjoy this this delicious descent into madness.

Note: for you shallow guys out there, again I have to say Alexis (Venus) is nude in a vast amount of the film. One extreme violent scene, which was pretty close to overkill. For the rest of you out there, the acting on Alexis's part was pretty good, the direction was up to par but not award winning. Watch it with you girlfriend or wife and wait for her to start questioning the relationship...lol.

Reviewed by peterdaskaloff 8 / 10

A well-crafted little film.

Since the essential plot elements are mentioned by the other reviewers, all I want to point out is that Goddess of Love is a good-looking little film, with an aura of authenticity. The plot seems to be secondary, making the film an acting showcase for its star, Alexis Kendra, playing the role of a young and mentally unstable stripper named Venus. And what a showcase it is! Helping along is Woody Naismith, in the role of Brian, a photographer and a love interest, playing the character with wonderfully nuanced performance. Once in a while, a film like this one pops out, head and shoulders above films with similar budgets. Beautifully shot and directed by Jon Knautz. Pleasure to watch!

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