God's Not Dead: We the People



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 485

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Kevin Downes as Parent #1
Marco Khan as Mirsab
Hadeel Sittu as Ayisha Moradi
Gary Galone as James Willoughby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colewaters 10 / 10

Mind boggling

This is what I call a masterpiece. This was the best film in the series by far. Every little piece was just perfectly executed. David A. R. White just slayed his role once again. God bless you and enjoy the film.

Reviewed by single_in_in 10 / 10

Van tell by reviews just upset none Christians or homeschoolers

Yes, in some states there are no rules for homeschoolers. However, there are states that do visitations. You also have to have proof and etc of homeschooling along with a umbrella school and so forth. Bringing up other tv personalities and putting them down does not say much of these reviews neither .

These people also don't realize stuff like this is going on . Parents are being told they are not allowed or should not be involved in their children's school. Which is a lie. The government should have no control over your children or you.

The movie touches on that . It's a movie with a good message. All the actors or most proclaim Christ thus that's why they are in the movie yet they may not be the best actors or actresses. These movies are not ment to win Oscar's or the academy awards they are ment to spread to spread awareness of different issues in the world today ..

Reviewed by RandyFoxglove 1 / 10

Praise Cheebus, lord or Cheese

It's beyond me why production companies even attempt these talentless adventures... so awful it's almost an unintentional comedy.

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