Gold Coast

2015 [DANISH]

Drama / History / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 611

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blue-Grotto 6 / 10

Stylish, Sensory and Resplendent

No one enters the tropics unpunished. Joseph Wulff, a young and talented entrepreneur, naturalist and all around progressive type, is eager to put this tired old saying to bed. Armed with a coffee plantation patent from the King of Denmark, Wulff is determined to beat the odds in an 1836 Danish colonial outpost in West Africa. However, his companions have other ideas in mind. Wulff soon learns that even while Denmark was the first European country to ban the slave trade, evil and human cruelty still flourish as strong as ever.

The film is stylish, sensory and resplendent. I was immersed in the ocean swells, tropical light, exotic dances and forest flowers. The story is loosely based on an actual character and Wulff is admirable. He empowers others, sustains the natural world, promotes the good of the community and romances his new bride, Flitsbue, from afar. "Plants are a part of you," maintains Wulff "fruits belong to all." Despite a great theme and an intriguing main character, the film is hampered by unrealistic acting. It is hard to imagine the actors straying far from a tin of Danish butter cookies much less entering the African frontier. Outside of the beautiful imagery and storyline, the film lacks depth and substance. Seen at the 2016 Miami International Film Festival.

Reviewed by peefyn 4 / 10

A missed opportunity

Oftebro is a great actor. The setting (the Danish slave colonies) is interesting. They are willing to experiment with music. But sadly, the movie is quite bad.

With heavy handed symbolism (flags, horned skulls, etc), good-or-evil characters, a messy storyline and ill fitting soundtrack, Guldkysten will sadly become another failed Scandinavian epic movie. A movie about a slaving colony with a protagonist ahead of his time (sharing the viewer's opinions on slavery) standing up against evil old fashioned slavers - we ought to be past these kind of stories by now. While I did enjoy the more experimental music, I had a hard time relating it to whatever was going on in the story. The movie is at its best when its characters borders on the insane, and the last quarter of the movie is by far the best one.

Oh well. Onwards and upwards, Scandinavian movie makers!

Reviewed by euroGary 7 / 10

Not the best film ever made, but still worth watching

Set in Danish Guinea (part of modern-day Ghana) in the 1830s, 'Gold Coast' follows idealistic Wulff Frederik Wulff (who according to the film's website is an amalgamation of three real-life individuals). Having devised a method for growing coffee in Africa, Wulff is despatched from Denmark to put his plan into action. Upon arrival, he finds a colony that apparently consists of precisely five people: two missionaries (or "lunatic missionaries", as Wulff puts it), the drink-sodden governor, the governor's slimy deputy and a boorish merchant. Although he finds joy in the region's natural splendour, Wulff's enthusiasm and naïvety is gradually worn down by the antics of the colonists, by his own doubts that the native peoples understand his agricultural methods, by attacks on his plantations by the local Ashanti tribe, and by a slave trade he thought his country had outlawed.

This is not a flawless film. What I assume is a small budget shows: surely there were more than just a few people in Danish Guinea? A bigger budget might have paid for a few more extras! Also, apart from Wulff himself, the other characters - some of whom, such as the governor and his deputy, were real people - are portrayed in one-dimensional terms which suggest lazy scripting.

However, those flaws aside, this is a good film. Seeing the grubby colonial buildings and slightly tatty costumes the viewer really gets an impression of a colony on its uppers (barely a decade after the events in this film, Denmark sold its Gold Coast settlements to the UK). As Wulff, lead actor Jakob Oftebro - hitherto mainly a pretty face in supporting casts - proves his acting chops, not only with an alarming weight loss but also with his portrayal of Wulff's realisation that everything in the garden isn't rosy and his subsequent descent into madness. Other actors are hampered by the limited character development in their roles, but don't let that put you off seeing this film.

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