Golmaal Returns

2008 [HINDI]

Comedy / Crime / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 7646

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Kareena Kapoor as Ekta G. Santoshi
Ajay Devgn as Gopal Kumar Santoshi

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvan-desouza 2 / 10

Is this a comedy or a spoof?

Oh man!!!!!!Seems like the sequels are going overboard with the success of PHIR HERA PHERI, KRISSH, DHOOM 2 But this film thankfully didn't become a big hit The film is nothing but actually a typical senseless brainless comedy Actually nowadays it's become a formula for a hit comedy: It should have 4 actors It should have some heroines who get some scope here and there it should have senseless running around jokes It should have jokes on other actors and films oh damn This film has all this in excess The film is a copy of AAJ KI TAAZA KHABBAR(1973), A film i came to know only when i read about it on the newspapers and reviews after this film released The film is just boring sadly, none of the jokes made me laugh mostly there are some funny ones like Ajay changing channels of the TV and then some more But mostly the film has c grade type of jokes already done to death What with, Tusshar and Shreyas doing a tom and jerry type cartoon comedy in their first scene together The story is non existent, comedy is unbearable and not even funny mostly Many scenes are just unwanted and the much hyped THA KAR KE comes across as stupid and forced

he climax is one of the worst climaxes of all time, actually takes the film to the death completely

Rohit Shetty should get off his comedies and try something better Music is okay, luckily only 1 song in the screenplay

Performances Ajay Devgan doesn't overact, and does well in some scenes but his role is hardly that great, for him Shreyas Talpade is quite funny at places, especially in the scene where he acts like a girl

Tusshar repeats his GOLMAAL act with even more weird noises Arshad Warsi seems to have just seen a DVD of a Marathi comedy film, or some south comedy and overacts and hams so badly it hurts Vrajesh Hirjee is boring Kareena is unbearable, she doesn't impress Amrita Arora and Anjana are as good as not there Murli Sharma just repeats his earlier act Sanjay Mishra is typecast, while Celina Jaitley has her moments

Reviewed by bobbysing 3 / 10

Modernised version of "Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar" and not good enough.

Rohit Shetty, chooses to remake an old bollywood comedy in the form of his "Golmaal Returns". The story is heavily based on an under-rated, 1973 released, Bollywood comedy called "Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar" featuring Kiran Kumar, Radha Saluja, I. S. Johar & Asrani. In fact Asrani also got a Filmfare Award for his performance as "Champak Bhumiya".

The plot revolves around a suspicious wife (Kareena) and her husband (Ajay Devgan). To explain, why he was out of the house a whole night, Ajay makes up a story and then it goes on & on creating new difficulties for him. Actually Ajay was stuck while saving Celina Jaitely from some bad elements and had to spend a night in a friend's place with her. However in the original movie, the real happening was more innovative, where the hero gets stuck on a giant wheel (in an amusement park) whole night with a young girl, due to power failure.

So the idea of first main scene, borrowed, was not adapted well. Feeling a low, I still had expectations from the movie as it was progressing, but coudn't find much to laugh and enjoy since the plot was not new for me. Rohit, the director, could not create the same old magic, which was there in his first part. The film goes on & on with no strong storyline up and makes un-impactful attempts to make you laugh.

The two people who give some scenes to enjoy are Tushar & Shreyas. Tushar still shows the magic in his funny language and Shreyas displays his great talent for comedies again. Ajay Devgan was OK in his part with no support from Arshad Warsi. In simple words, Arshad is wasted in an underwritten role and has got nothing to show. Kareena plays the role of a suspicious wife in a good way, but the role was not meant for her and it looks like she was added to the cast only for more commercial values. Celina Jailtely, Amrita Arora & Anjana Sukhani, all are simply there to fill up the screen space with nothing really written for them in the script.

Instead of an original "Champak Bhumiya" (in Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar), this time we have "Anthony Gonsalves" as the imaginary character who turns out to be existing live. The name and the act done by the comedian is a great let down if compared to the original source. Whereas in the first part "Golmaal", there are rarely scenes that make you bore, here in this sequel you find it tough to find the scenes you can enjoy with a great laughter. So it is not a well made sequel, quality wise. Though it has a more glossier star-cast this time. As usual, songs are just thrown away in unwanted places just to give you break for your snacks. And moreover no particular song registers itself in your mind.

The climax is the most annoying part and is quite similar to like you have earlier seen in many "Priyadarshan" comedies. Where the entire star cast comes together on the screen and tries to generate laughter indulging themselves in some funny sequences. But here it fails to create a similar impact. So in all, the movie fails to keep the promise its name suggested, "Golmaal Returns".

However, like the current trend, if the film-makers are only interested to get a good initial in the first 3-4 days and don't care about what happens to the film later on, then "Golmaal Returns" may give them back their money. But quality cinema is no where in the frame here.

Reviewed by sashank_kini-1 4 / 10

Leave your brains aside.... And it still is just okay

I don't know how people have given this movie a 9 or a ten, even if it very funny. A 9 or a 10 should only be given to a movie that deserves it. Golmaal Returns wants to be rated between three and five. The director himself admits that he doesn't believe that it would get any awards.

Golmaal was fun, yet I would've given it a six because my rating limit or the limit that I have imposed in my mind regarding the ratings wouldn't change. I cannot suddenly give movies like Pyaasi Aatma 6 or 7 because it absolutely doesn't deserve or want such ratings.

The sequel manages to get some laughter, but most of it it corny.The are a string of characters with a plethora of stories inserted as if the director worked in the absence of a script. The story was worse that Z-grade ones. At least the first one had a solid plot (solid in the sense visible, not strong).This one has plots within plot, making a complete stew out of it.

Well, I'll have to admit that this is a welcome change from the Yash Raj films and the Great Indian comedy show, that latter which refuses to be funny due to the presence of Siddhu who laughs like a hyena.

Tusshar Kapoor manages to raise the bar efficiently. But when the movie started with his scene at the parlor, he sounded annoying. But he managed to pull it off afterward. Ajay Devgan tries to be funny but isn't due to his rushed comic timing. The Ekta tattoo scene could've been funnier if he didn't reveal it is such a quick way.

Shreyas Talpade was really funny and his acting is the saving grace because he doesn't sound irritating. And the fourth actor.... oh yeah Arshad Warsi. He was completely wasted.

The actresses looked sexy in the first song. I wish most of their roles would've ended after that. Kareena was funny in the confusion scenes for a while but then just got too annoying. Amrita Arora, oh the new girl?... oh sorry, that Amrita Arora who has come in many B-grade movies. This is what I feel about her acting. It looked as if it was a debut film and she didn't know how to act at all.

Celina Jaitley was better than the other three girls. She was not that funny, but her acting wasn't that bad. THe fourth girl? Was there one? I don't remember. Oh, that girl whom Tusshar Kapoor has his eyes on? I thought she was an extra!

There are innumerable gay jokes. I don't know whether the director is gay, but if this film went to the U.S, this would be called 'Gay Bollywood movie'.

The Saawariya jokes were really good. I can't imagine what Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ekta Kapoor must be feeling right now, especially the latter, whose one brother got involved in making fun of her.

I'm going to go with a 4 for this movie, as I had told before. Hoping for a better sequel.

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