Good Deeds


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Gabrielle Union as Natalie
Rebecca Romijn as Heidi
Thandie Newton as Lindsey Wakefield
Tyler Perry as Wesley Deeds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TamPalm 6 / 10

Surprisingly Memorable

I am not a Tyler Perry defender, but I have to call foul on the 3.1 rating. Those who reviewed the movie average about a 6 or 7, so I'm led to believe many who have voted on this movie did not in fact see the movie. Considering the assault Perry receives from critics--myself included at times--it would not be hard to believe some would undermine the rating system here and seek to sabotage anything with the name "Perry" in front of it. Moving on...

I will go out on a limb and say this is Perry's highest quality effort to date. It's the first movie I remember seeing of his that did not run with the trite good-guy/bad-guy story line. This movie had more depth than any of his previous. There were no bad guys. Every character was troubled and coping and...human. Many I think missed the real theme of this movie. It has absolutely nothing to do with a man coming to save a woman. It is about having the courage to follow your own path. It is a universal theme, one that hits home for virtually everyone. Sure there may be better movies out there who execute this theme, but this movie does it competently in my opinion, and by Tyler Perry's standards, it is more than competent. It is dare I say, actually "good?"

I liked the acting. Once I got past Thandie's always-strange accent and the little girl's initially poor acting performance, and Brian White's sometimes over-acting, the movie caught its groove and all of the actors delivered. Newton played a particularly touching role. I have to admit her ability to cry on a dime regarding the loss of her child, made me tear up a bit. To say that I was shocked to find myself actually tearing up from a Tyler Perry movie is the understatement of the day. Perry and Gabrielle Union also delivered. Both portrayed their complex characters well and competently showcased the true ambivalence that often accompanies a relationship, especially one that occurs when the couple is past their twenties and have to grapple with all the life expectations that entails. This brings me to the next highlight--the script.

It seems like Perry actually took his time--or at least more time than he usually does, say on the horrible movies like "Madea Goes to Jail" or the like--on this script. There was more character development, more growth, more nuance, and unpredictability. There were plot holes, sure, but in general, you didn't feel short-changed as a viewer, like the writer was just trying to rush something through to meet a deadline so that he could ultimately get your money--ahem--"Why did I get Married 2" looking at you!

Finally, I liked the pace of the movie. Some may think it was slow, I think it was mature...a mature movie about mature matters. I liked this for a change, especially in comparison to the low-IQ slapstick I had previously associated with Tyler Perry. And let me leave this little tidbit: If you, like me, happen to currently be in a similar place in life as these characters--about to make big life decisions but fear you are not making the right ones--you will doubly appreciate the meditative pace. You will appreciate the more introspective tone than is found in Perry's other movies.

The movie is not perfect, but I will give it a relatively high rating simply to combat the unfairly low rating it has as of this writing. We should applaud growth when we see it. "See it" being the operative phrase. See the movie before low-rating it. Have some integrity folks.

Reviewed by theeditormum 9 / 10

A good story well told, but probably not for the whole family.

Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds" is the first Tyler Perry movie I have seen. I saw the trailer when I went to see "Red Tails" in January, and I was intrigued. I've been eagerly anticipating opening night ever since. And talking it up until my family are sick of it.

I wasn't disappointed. But first, a word of warning. I wouldn't call "Good Deeds" a family film. I may not take my teenage sons to see it — although the great lessons may win out over the questionable scenes in the end. Parents should be aware that there is significant vulgar language, especially in the first half of the film, and that there are both frank discussions of sexuality and a couple of rather intense lovemaking scenes that may not be suitable for younger children. The main character is living with his fiancée, and they are having sex before their marriage, which some people may object to.

That said, "Good Deeds" is a great story. Wesley Deeds grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and has the perfect life. Only Wesley isn't really sure it's his life, though he has buried these insecurities so deep that he isn't really aware of them anymore. His fiancée finds him utterly predictable. But they think they are in love, and their families are thrilled that they are finally going to marry. Lindsey Wakefield, on the other hand, is living in an ever-worsening nightmare. She is barely making ends meet, and from the first moment that we see her, it's clear just how precarious her situation is. And it just keeps unraveling.

Lindsey works as a janitor in Wesley's corporate headquarters. They meet when she parks in his reserved spot, and there is an altercation involving Wesley's boorish brother. We see from the beginning that Wesley has a good heart, but that figuring out the right thing to do can take him some time. Wesley and Lindsey keep running into each other, but he doesn't make a significant move to help her until the day he witnesses her child being torn from her arms by a social worker. In the process of helping Lindsey, Wesley not only falls in love, but finds spontaneity and rediscovers his childhood dreams.

The story rings almost true. I'd like to believe that there is a corporate CEO out there who would tolerate the kind of attitude that Lindsey displays — I haven't met one yet, but maybe. And some of the scenes are a little predictable — I saw the ending coming from the minute Wesley told Lindsey goodbye.

But that's why "Good Deeds" is a good film and should be a successful one. Like any fairy tale, there is just enough fantasy about it to keep us with one foot firmly planted in reality, while the rest is realistic enough that we can look wistfully on, thinking that it would be very nice if things did work just that way.

Reviewed by hitmeup111 10 / 10

It's About Time

Tyler Perry has finally come out of the closet and has shown us another side of his talents. I knew people wouldn't be happy seeing a positive movie about an African-American male, but I love movies that African-Americans can be proud to see, movies that portray us in a better light.

This movie feels real, and leaves you with a good feeling at the end of it. Hopefully this is a new beginning to a trend of positive, more realistic movies. Red Tails was another one that because of it's positive portrayal of African-American men, winded up getting a poor rating. Minds haven't changed much since the slavery days.

If you like feel good positive movies, go see this one, but if you're stuck on the portrayal of African-American men as week, drug dealing, and always wrong when they speak, this movie isn't for you. Personally, I and my family loved it.

Two thumbs up, all the way up.

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