Good Luck to You, Leo Grande


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
IMDb Rating 7.0 10 472

hotel room sex worker

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Emma Thompson as Nancy Stokes
Daryl McCormack as Leo Grande
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jblum5 6 / 10

My Dinner with a Prostitute

Good luck to You, Leo Grande is the story of a lonely and aging woman who hires a prostitute to fulfill her mental and sexual desires. She is quite wound up woman who doesn't quite know what she is looking for or what she needs, and it is implied she has only ever been ashamed of her body or wanting physically.

The movie is essentially a character study of Emma Thompson's character discovering on how to become one with herself as she gets older. The majority of this film is conversation and most of the film is not sexually graphic... as it isn't the focal point the film maker is going for. Think if "My Dinner with Andre" and "pretty woman" had a baby. Both our leads are quite good here as you may expect. Production design is great despite its limited setting and scope. This was seemingly made with very little money but it doesn't show.

The beginning and end of the film are really quite satisfying.. and they really nail the end here it was really powerful. The middle is such a huge drag it detracts from the film immensely. I felt like many things get rehashed and it almost needed a bigger scope to justify the runtime. This movie would have been better at 75 or 80 minutes. There is just no momentum going into our final act that if I turned it off I would have been okay (but again the ending was very good.)

The movie's humor is really good when it uses it but most of the movie seemingly almost takes itself too seriously. However there is a lot of chew on here especially if the concept sounds interesting to you.

Reviewed by ferguson-6 7 / 10

Nancy's checklist

Greetings again from the darkness. Normally when we see a movie where the focus is almost entirely on two characters conversing while in one room, we expect it to feel like something better served in live theater. But director Sophie Hyde does succeed in keeping it cinematic, despite the dialogue-centric script from writer Katy Brand and a setting that is 95 percent within the confines of a single hotel room. An extraordinary performance from two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson and solid complimentary work from Daryl McCormack keep us interested in the characters.

Nancy Stokes (Ms. Thompson) is a middle-aged woman fidgeting in a hotel room when Leo Grande (Mr. McCormack) knocks on her door and asks if he may kiss her on the cheek. It turns out Nancy is two years a widow and has hired sex worker Leo to assist with knocking a few things off her to-do list of unfulfilled intimate activities. See, Nancy has only ever had sex with her husband, and now she longs to feel young and excited again, and hopes this pay-for-it adventure will scratch that itch in just the right way.

Their initial meeting is fascinating to watch. Nancy, a former religious studies teacher, is a planner, list-maker, and steps-follower. She's also filled with nervous energy and a bit embarrassed by the situation ... clearly wanting to move forward, while trying to convince herself she doesn't really want it. On the other side of this would-be tryst, Leo is the master of calm demeanor and smooth talk. He's a professional who takes pride in the "service" he provides, and he recognizes what to say (and when) to try and put Nancy at ease. It's clearly not his first rodeo. In this initial meeting, Nancy and Leo literally dance around the sex, and instead focus on conversation. She wants to know all about him, while he just wants to the job he was hired for.

Subsequent meetings (jobs, hook-ups, trysts?) between the two occur in the same room at The Duffield Hotel, and Nancy continues to poke the personal boundaries that Leo tries to uphold. As happens with human nature, barriers begin to break down. This intrusion changes the dynamics and causes quite the mood shift as personal lives and relationships open wounds that are probably best left to a situation where one hasn't contracted for the sexual services of another.

Most of the dialogue seems believable and true to the characters, and Ms. Thompson does much of the heavy lifting. The only exceptions to this would be Nancy offering to talk to Leo's mother (What the heck? That's ridiculous even for a former teacher.), and when Nancy recalls asking her class about the impact of pay-for-sex ... a discussion that seems a bit too on point for the film. A truly annoying song plays over the opening credits, but later an Alabama Shakes song plays with perfect timing. When Nancy's real name is revealed, that too produces a cringe, but mostly we are reminded that the perfect fantasy sex partner will always be just that - a fantasy. Ms. Hyde's film leaves us with this thought ... will "empirically sexy" become the go-to compliment for romantic partners?

Opens in theaters on June 17, 2022.

Reviewed by kosmasp 10 / 10

Let's talk about ... sex(?)

This played at the sneak preview the other night. And it was a delight. Not sure what people were expecting, but the fact that no one left the theatre is a good sign. You never know what you get, but there is always someone who will walk out at these events.

Having said that, who in their right mind is not in love with Emma Thompson? Platonically and otherwise that is. Such a great actress and personality overall. I can only imagine what went through her head playing this uptight role. But she has a great counter part to play off with. A man who seems to know what he wants - or rather what his customers want.

Do not expect this to be too revealing or too sexual though. Having said that, also do not think that it will pull punches or refrain from showing skin. But it has to be earned - it has to make sense. It is the game, the playfulness, the serious talk, the getting to know each other ... before it makes sense to fully bare oneself - pun intended.

And as we get to know the people - we do root for them in a weird sense. Because we know this is an arrangement. This is not your usual love story, where you expect the main characters to end up together in the end. Even so, certain things happen that will shock you to a degree. Because while this is light and funny ... it also provides us with a darker side. There is drama - and that feels necessary too.

We are all humans, we all have needs. Maybe we should not shame each other - especially those who try to explore them. Everyone has different needs and wants - and everyone goes on different about obtaining them. Just remember: life is precious and time is even more precious. Make the most of it - sounds cliche, but if you get something out of this, hopefully it is the positive messages it sends out. Well done, even if touchy for some (again pun intended)

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