Goodbye Mr. Loser

2015 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2626

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

Tragedy is Getting What You Thought You Wanted

While attending the wedding of his high school crush, Teng Shen is humiliated by his wife and gets blackout drunk ... and awakes back in high school. Using his memories of his former life, he eventually gets everything he wanted, including a major musical career and the girl from high school, only to realize how miserable it makes him.

It's a very well written and performed comedy, with some real character exposition and funny jokes. While the outline is familiar to me -- I've been reading science fiction for more than five decades -- it's put together well, including some nice musical interludes to keep the audience happy. Although the sub-textual message is excessively normative -- don't hope for something more, but be happy with what you have -- it's put together in an unflaggingly engaging fashion.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

A hilarious and memorable movie...

Directors Da-Mo Peng and Fei Yan put China back on the comedy world map with work on "Goodbye Mr. Loser".

"Goodbye Mr. Loser" (aka "Xia Luo te fan nao") starts out in a very hilarious way. At a wedding, Xia Luo (played by Teng Shen) gets drunk and get the brilliant idea of singing a love song to his high school crush Qiuya (played by Zhi Wang), whom is getting married to someone else. This love song does not go well with Xia Lou's wife Ma Dong Mei (played by Li Ma). Xia Luo hides in the bathroom, but when he comes back out from hiding, he finds himself back in his glorious high school days. Has he been given a second chance to do things over, or is it a chance to relive his former prime? From there on the movie just keeps up its established hilarious atmosphere and keeps adding on to that. And writers and directors Da-Mo Peng and Fei Yan really deserve a big, big thumbs up on their accomplishment with "Goodbye Mr. Loser".

There are so many funny moments throughout the course of this movie, and I found myself laughing hard so many times. I was thoroughly enjoying myself throughout the course of this movie, and I really liked the storyline.

Furthermore, the characters in the movie were so well-rounded and detailed and unique. The characters in "Goodbye Mr. Loser" are colorful, memorable and outstanding, really adding a lot of flavor to the storyline.

The cast list had some great talents to it, and people were doing really good jobs in bringing their characters to life on the screen as they performed in "Goodbye Mr. Loser".

If you enjoy Asian cinema and comedies, then you should definitely take the chance to watch "Goodbye Mr. Loser" if you have the chance, because this is a memorable and entertaining movie.

Reviewed by yoggwork 7 / 10

How do people eat pizza in the future?

How do people eat pizza in the future? To tell the truth, it is the peak of recent comedy movies, not relying on vulgar passages, natural and endless jokes, the main actors in place. At the same time, the music is well matched, especially the second generation of officials. It really sets off the harbors in the same period as garbage. However, some of the plot content is too much out of the loop, such as mother Xia, such as beautiful women, rich life must be unhappy.

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