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Tom Butler as Judge Aldous Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Luke Perry opens court and dispenses justice

Luke Perry saddles up as frontier circuit judge John Goodnight in the first of three films starring Perry as a Roy Bean type judge. Unlike the fictional Bean, Perry's a real lawyer and not a judge because he's got deputies to back up his ruling. What he does have is a passion for justice and will go the extra mile for it.

The film segments into three stories, the first is a prologue showing Perry's character as a youth played by Sam Duke seeing his family massacred in an outlaw raid.

We next see Perry's character unable to dispense justice to a young black kid whose father was hung by nightriders wearing bedsheets like the Ku Klux Klan. Perry does some extralegal work there however.

Finally Perry returns to the town where his folks were killed and takes on a gang that rides for the owner of the local Ponderosa who is going out of his way to persecute Cheyenne Indians. Again the object is justice and Perry has a way of brushing aside troublesome technicalities.

I like Perry's character and hope he does more John Goodnight films in the future.

Reviewed by edwagreen 9 / 10

Goodnight For Justice-The Way Cowboys Used to Be Made ***1/2

I'm old fashioned, particularly when it comes to cowboy films and the old films. Give me Hoppy, Roy Rogers and I was content. "Goodnight for Justice" is the way they used to make old-fashioned cowboy films. Justifiable revenge, meeting the new girl, a town controlled by a horrible person, and some surprises which usually interfered with romance all occur in this interesting film. Justice and the law are interwoven here and the results are quite good.

The ending is exactly the way they did it in the 1950s. We even observe the usual prejudice directed towards Indians and the latter getting the last word.

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 6 / 10

Another made for TV western that isn't half bad. Not great, but better then most of the new westerns. I say B-

How long can you wait for justice? After being appointed Circuit Judge, John Goodnight (Perry) travels the territory dispensing justice. After returning to a town that brings back memories of his parents murders, he sees someone who looks familiar. After seeing the last two TV westerns (Doc West & Triggerman) I was not expecting much from this one. Although this was nowhere near the caliber of "Tombstone" or "Open Range", this was actually a pretty good western. It is pretty cheesy in some parts and the acting is lacking, but it will keep you entertained and watching. Unlike the "Doc West" series this one will hold your attention and you won't forget what you are watching as you are watching it. The quality of westerns lately has dropped off a lot, this one stands above many of the new ones. Not great, but much better then the latest offerings. I give it a B-. Would I watch again? - I don't think I would.

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