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Otis Day as Sweet Moe
Julius Harris as Fred the Chef
Peter Marc Jacobson as Steinberg
Philip Casnoff as Bergman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimwelty60 5 / 10

M-5 Tank in GORP

I owned and drove the M-5 Stuart tank in the movie GORP. (actually written in all capitol letters). There were lots of interesting stories I recall from the filming but the one that stands out in my mind was when I drove thru the house. (a prop built for the movie)

We were to receive a radio message as when to stop----but it never came ! I could see nothing out the vision port and finally decided to slap on the brakes and stop. Had I continued one more foot I would have crushed one of the stunt people that was to have jumped out the window but didn't. Amazingly the big concern was that I came within inches of one of the very expensive Panavision cameras. The "Movie people" said they could always get another stunt girl but cameras were expensive.

All in all I was treated great by all the "movie people" and I left with many good stories----several best left untold.

Reviewed by imdbigdaddy 1 / 10

Terrible Meatballs ripoff...one of the worst movies I've ever suffered through

If Meatballs had been written by a coked-up, mentally-challenged Jew, it might resemble something like GORP. What GORP stands for, I have no idea. Greatly Odiferous Retarded Premise? It might've been mentioned in the movie, but I was so annoyed by the lack of good comedy writing, the bad Vinnie Babarino accents and the absence of anything remotely resembling a plot that I might've missed it.

I thought at the least I might get to see some Fran Drescher nipps or a young Patricia Arquette burn up the screen. Wrong wrong wrong. The scenes of Fran "doing it" with camp counselers fully clothed resembled two people having a simultaneous seizer on the ground. I couldn't even tell which characters were even camp counselers, there were no scenes of them doing ANYTHING remotely camp related. You just want to punch every character in this movie in the face, hard. There are no peaks or valleys, no character development at all, it's just non-stop cracked out stupidity from the very start, and not even funny stupidity at that. I have to wonder how the writer of this movie even got his foot in the door, and I'd be surprised if he ever worked again.

Even treating it like an X-rated movie and fast-forwarding to the few scenes with Fran and the one or two scenes with Arquette didn't make it any more bearable. 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Comcast On-Demand freebies have really hit rock bottom. I'm canceling my cable.

I can't say what's worse...the fact that this movie was made, or the fact that so many reviewers here actually think it was good.

Reviewed by anakrid 1 / 10

I got Gorped

Picked this up on DVD after seeing an interesting trailer for it on a compilation. I wanted to like this. I really did. It seems like the writers had a lot of ideas and tried to throw them all into the mix. This means that no time is spent with any of the characters really. None of the characters are really likeable or relatable, save for maybe Fran Drescher's character -- but maybe that's just because I LIKE Fran Drescher. But there are all these minor side characters that we'll get a scene or two with and they are gags that ALL fall flat. I'm sure the makers of GORP thought they were loading the movie to the brim with hilarious set-pieces and gags, but none of them really work and the whole thing is an incoherent mess. I don't know if they were just trying to out-ANIMAL HOUSE ANIMAL HOUSE or what, but the writing wasn't strong enough to touch that one. And as others have pointed out, this movie is pretty rapey -- which is kind of in line with 80s teen sex comedies, but this one feels extra gross. And I'm no prude when it comes to this sort of material when taken in context... but some of the content here was stomach-turning and played for laughs that never connected. This gets an extra half star for Fran Drescher.

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