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Virginia Madsen as Mrs. Thomas
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Eloise Webb as Sylvie
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Reviewed by mkramer-693-816493 10 / 10

A Fun and Sweet Mixture of American Girl

American Girl's latest movie outing (and the fourth to be directed by Vince Marcello) surprisingly takes us away from America and into the iconic streets of Paris as budding baker Grace (Olivia Rodrigo) helps her French family, and of course, learns more about herself in the process.

Though some American Girl fans have lamented the change in direction of recent AG movies (which favor more sparkles, colors, giggles, and modern settings over the historical settings of Samantha, Felicity, etc.), Grace Stirs Up Success is still just as sweet and heartwarming as anything to come from American Girl. The values are very strong, with this film in particular focusing on using your talents for the benefit of others (unlike Disney Channel fare, which usually has an unpleasant "it's all about me" taste).

Olivia Rodrigo is terrific as the ever-vivacious, ever-organized, and occasionally klutzy Grace, and her relationship with her snooty French cousin is both touching. . .and funny. There is definitely more outright humor in this film than any previous AG movie, with some pratfalls, whipped cream, and clumsy antics on hand; again, perhaps a departure from American Girl's more serious historical pieces, but still just as fun and just as sweet-spirited. Music and songs also play a very prominent role, as they did in both Isabelle and Saige.

As usual with Vince Marcello's AG movies, the visuals are extremely colorful, looking like a world of dolls and doll houses, as if we are seeing the world that a girl might be imagining as she is playing with her American Girl doll. These films are first-rate family films, with excellent values that are seldom taught in modern children's entertainment. Thanks, American Girl!

Reviewed by heartprivacy 6 / 10

Fine for the target audience

From an adult's perspective, this movie is wholly forgettable. Half the movie takes place in Paris, yet we see hardly anything of Paris or Parisian life (probably because it was filmed in Budapest, a cost-saving measure). The plot is not particularly believable - a 10 year old girl wants to start a business with her friends, but then has to go to Paris to visit her aunt and uncle where she wins over an unhappy cousin and absurdly wins over a snooty potential client with the help of macarons and a stray dog. She deals with feeling distanced from her friends, then competes on Master Chef Junior and (spoiler you saw coming 10 miles away: she wins and uses the prize money to save her grandparents' failing bakery). Interesting partnership for a company that is dedicated to empowering girls, as Master Chef Junior has been plagued with accusations of sexism and in reality, every winner of the competition has been a boy. But that's another discussion.

The most irritating aspect of the movie to me was the manufactured conflict between Grace and her best friends. It seems the writers didn't want to spend much time actually giving them a reason to be upset at each other, so they just randomly get offended by things and then have to make up. Lazy writing, but then, it's a movie for 8 year olds, so...

There is a very obvious difference in acting experience between the young actresses: Olivia Rodrigo, the lead actress, is adorable but clearly inexperienced and smiles constantly, while Eloise Webb, playing her cousin Sylvie, is far more subtle and believable. The actresses playing her best friends were also clearly cast on looks rather than talent. The most enjoyable performance is Fabrice Michel as Grace's pastry chef uncle.

From the perspective of the target audience, however, they are clearly doing something right because my two daughters want to watch this movie constantly and have probably seen it close to 50 times at this point. The soundtrack is cute and bouncy with a French flair, the content is completely inoffensive so it's appropriate for even the youngest children (although they may not be able to follow the plot), and the messages are positive (helping others, following your dreams, etc. etc.).

So in summary, it's a movie made for children and it's perfectly fine for them. Adults will probably not want to watch past a single viewing.

Reviewed by injury-65447 1 / 10


As if it wasn't bad enough already - then they introduced Master Chef Junior into the mix. What a complete joke.

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