Grandma's Boy


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 7 10 75989


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Linda Cardellini as Samantha
Jonah Hill as Barry
David Spade as Shiloh
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Reviewed by WubsTheFadger 5 / 10

Grandma's Boy

Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadger

The plot is really stupid. Even for a comedy film, the story is not very funny and doesn't deserve to be a full length feature film.

The acting is okay. Allen Covert, Peter Dante, Joey David Moore, Shirley Jones, Shirley Knight, Kevin Nealon, and Doris Roberts all do an okay job. Linda Cardellini does the best job only because she is smoking hot.

Some of the jokes are funny but most of them are overly raunchy and overly sexualized. There is also an excessive amount of drug usage that is not funny. The nudity in the film also is not funny.

Pros: Some okay acting, some funny jokes and Linda Cardellini and her sweet face and smoking body

Cons: Weak story, average acting, a lot of unfunny jokes, oversexualized humor, an abundance of unneeded drug use, and needless nudity.

Reviewed by TownRootGuy 8 / 10

My recollection was that this was really good.

Then I re-watched it and remembered it isn't quite what I was expecting.

This movie has Linda Cardellini AND funny enough, that is about it.

Yes, I gave this an 8 mostly because of Velma and half of that pretty much goes to her sexy, drunk dance. If you like Velma as much as I do, this show is awesome! Otherwise, this is probably a good show to pass on because there really isn't much else to it. I can watch this every 2 - 3 years just for the eye candy.

Reviewed by anthony_ballis 1 / 10

Wow. Awful.

I get what they were trying to do. A stoner film with randomness, drugs, gross humour and tits rolled together like a tight joint. This "film" fails in every category.

The 'plot':

A 35 year old man (going on 50) is a video game tester. He gets evicted as his room mate spends all their money on hookers. Apparently the protagonist was not able to find a flat to rent so he moves into his friends house who has a clear learning disability. He then ejaculates on his mother while jacking it to a doll then moves in with his grandmother and her friends. He then meets a pretty prop who he wants to have sex with. Everyone derides and ridicules one loser (who is also a 'genius prodigy' responsible for the rest having jobs), but the other losers are celebrated and are apparently cool dudes who normal professional women adore? Villain is defeated when the protagonists grandmother beats him in a video game clearly made using Unreal Engine that he apparent coded on an Xbox (not a computer, only has one copy as an XBox disc?). A chimpanzee fights an elephant. The End


-Jonah Hill sucking on a tit -Sexual predator seduces slightly retarded man-child who is young enough to be her grandson (not creepy unless its the other way around apparently) -Women portrayed as and called whores throughout the film -Unnecessary randomness -45 year olds playing 30 year olds acting like 15 year olds. -Desperate virgins -Idiotic writing -Awful acting -Unlikeable protagonist -Ridiculous caricatures and stereotypes -Wasted talent -Fart jokes just because

and much, much more. I'm not sure if the multiple 10 star reviews are bought and paid for. Part of me hopes that they are...

Avoid this film, my wife is still mad at me for putting it on.

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