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Eric Roberts as Alpha Altruist
Bill Oberst Jr. as Philanthropist
J.P. Manoux as Presenter
Nick Moran as Clerk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tepig-94540 9 / 10


A crazy film, but accurate to some parts of our own world. The dystopian utopia controlled by an external being - I nearly wished there would be more movie to explore it. Arman and Chloe were great in their roles. I would describe it as a combination of "The Gift" and "Brave New World", with a satisfying feeling of hope at the end.

Reviewed by andkovalev 10 / 10

This movie isn't for the general public

If you don't have skills to read in between lines, don't even start watching this movie. The movie is targeting audience with high IQ. It became clear to me one more time how many people (including some reviewers of this title) are actually belong to the Greatland. Arman significantly improved his acting talent comparing to his previous roles. The rest of the cast was also awesome except "man with mustache" in the beginning of the movie. He was too theatrical. I really enjoined the movie and recommend thoughtful approach if you're brave enough to immerse into the matrix. and almost forgot... special thanks to costumes designer. I could never expect to see such costumes from American mode movie. They are so European.

Reviewed by Psy-Ko 9 / 10

Need more shrooms!!

The only reason this movie didn't get a ten from me is that I would love to watch it again in an enhanced state. Unfortunately I gave that up a long time back so it will have to remain a nine for me.

When leftist ideals go to the extreme! You too can marry a tree and have a rabbit for a son, we must be all inclusive. The few who dare question this are either sent to repentance island or tagged for resurrections. The sad part though is the majority would rather live in this world where they are told what to eat, who (or what) to marry, and how to think, than a world of freedom that might just be a bit scary.

I didn't know either of the young leads, Arman Darbo and Chloe Ray Warmoth, but thought they both did a nice job with their characters. Bill Oberst Jr. and Eric Roberts each have small parts that they play quite well. Bill does creepy so well!!

This movie sums up 2020 quite nicely and if you want to put the thought into it you will find a lot of parallels. And if you don't want to put a lot of thought in to it you can just look at the pretty colors. Either way, strap in, you're in for a hell of a ride.

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