Green Dragon



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1163

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Patrick Swayze as Gunnery Sergeant Jim Lance
Kieu Chinh as Kieu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crazy_with_movie 9 / 10

My favourite movie of the year

'Green Dragon' is a low cost but well made movie. It is about going through the hardship of life. There is hope no matter how dissapointing our life is. Anybody who felt their life worthless should watch this film.

The songs and music are very good also.


Reviewed by vyperman7 9 / 10

One word... AWESOME!!

Green Dragon was absolutely amazing. I found it to be very realistic in portraying what it would be like back when the Vietnamese people had to live in the refugee camps.

This film is very touching as well. I loved the relationship between Minh and Addie who is played by Forrest Whitaker. The character Minh is a little boy who is forced to come to America with his uncle and his sister. He is constantly searching the camp for his mother and father. While this is going on, he develops a friendship with Addie. Addie is a cook and a talented artist. Minh and Addie bond because they both like to draw and love comics.

I also liked the other parts of the story as well. Tai's character was great. He plays the camp manager and keeper of the peace. He has to deal with Minh's mother and father not being there and how he had to leave without them.

There are other cool little stories mixed in, but you should watch it for yourself and find out. This really is a very moving film, and it should not be missed.


Reviewed by filigerr 10 / 10

This movie is a must see

I honestly do not understand why this movie is getting the kind of reviews it is getting.

The acting was brilliant in all fields, I found the little boy who play Minh's character amazing, especially for that age.

Very touched by the stories of every individual just because they where in a camp away from all the war doesn't mean the war is not there(including Swayze's and Whitaker's charterers of course). I found that the story to bring out a different part of the Vietnam war that is constantly looked over, well every war for that matter.

Strictly a movie that is about people life story. I keep seeing reviews how they felt it was an "Anti-American" film because of a few scenes... Honestly the movie about the emotions of the people who is not in their home country that is being torn up from their own people, and their only way out is to live in a camp that is completely foreign. Try to comprehend that.

This is a very good movie and it is worth a watch.

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