Grey Lady


Crime / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 935

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John Shea as Chief Maguire
Adrian Lester as Johnson
Rebecca Gayheart as Maggie Wynn
Carolyn Stotesbery as Eli Morrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cdcrb 1 / 10

a big mess

remember in "the fugitive" when the train derails and flies off into the woods, for what seems a long time, well here the movie goes off the rails and never stops. sadly, the movie just keeps getting worse. it makes no sense, was confusing to me and the acting is non existent. it's supposed to be a murder mystery. I'm not familiar with eric danes' work, but he doesn't offer much here. Nantucket, a beautiful island, even in the rain and fog, offers nothing. I cannot remember giving a 1 rating before, but I am not alone. proceed at your own risk.

Reviewed by billboyd1 2 / 10

Badly, written, directed and acted

It seems that poor movies are propped up initially by gushing reviews from those associated with the movie and their friends, family and associates. So from someone who has not reviewed a movie before on IMDb and who is not linked to the movie in any way I need to say something.

Nantucket is the stand out character in this movie and it is wet, grey, dull and lifeless - everyone and everything else fails to live up to this standard including the direction, writing, script and acting.

Reviewed by ellerywilson 1 / 10

No, just no

This movie was so bad that I created a profile on IMDb just to warn you about it. There was little to no character development and it almost seemed as if the whole movie moved in slow motion. There were so many long pauses in between dialogue that served nothing more than to elongate the pain of watching this film. The love interest was boring, the whole "cop/law enforcement" routine was not believable in any way, and there was too little explanation as to why people were actually being killed. Law and Order from the 70s, go watch some re-runs because they make way more sense.

How, I repeat HOW does anymore make Nantucket look dull and boring? This producer has achieved the impossible. There is so much beauty to see on the island and yet somehow the best this film has to offer are glimpses out foggy windows with particular focus on a rather large puddles in the road.

The story is confusing and there seems to be a few implied sub-stories that are never explained. Further, the story is predictable and boring. Again, I'm not a movie critic, but it was THAT BAD. Save your time.

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