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Nick Offerman as Sergeant Channahon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foopy-2 8 / 10


I've never been to a rave before, so I can't say anything about how realistic this film is.

I've also never used drugs before, but I really liked the way drug use was portrayed in the movie... One of the characters mentions that when it comes to drugs, it's best to be "baked not fried," which I interpreted as "using not abusing." The parallel threads we see evolve throughout the film observe people who don't use drugs at all, others who use them, and others who abuse them... All but the last case end up decidedly happy and content. But the film also remains very open minded and non-judgemental about the abusers; it refuses to condemn them, but rather it simply shows the results of what they do and allows the audience to form an opinion of these people on their own.

Another interesting theme I noticed was the fact that although raves are a great experience, there might be more to life than having a good time... One of the ravers explains how she has spent her entire life going to raves and has enjoyed herself, but somehow feels unsatisfied about what she's doing with her life. The idea that people must face fear in their lives in order to be content is presented, but a conclusion is never made, once again allowing the audience to use the film as "food for thought" and figure it out on their own terms.

The soundtrack to the film is great, as are the visuals... The movie has a very energetic feel to it that really made me want to be at a rave, even though I might not end up liking it.

If you want an interesting slice of American filmmaking and generational portraits from the 1950's, 70's, and 90's, I suggest consecutively viewing American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused, and this film. All of these films are done in a fairly similar style (following multiple story threads at the same time, being non-judgemental about the characters) and have a very feel-good atmosphere about them while still portraying the atmosphere, lifestyle, and challenges of a generation in a very interesting and entertaining way.

Reviewed by vampyrecowboy 9 / 10

This was an excellent show of the rave party scene.

This film was verrrry well done. To those that say it wasn't...I guess you have never owned a club where raves took place. I did.

I bought this movie in a stack of films and it only cost me 99 cents. Well shock the pants off me.

What I thought would be a lame party and just a bunch of stoners walking around talking trash was certainly an enlightenment.

GROOVE is EXACTLY what a rave is about...and how would I know? I know because I hosted them myself...packed to the hilt in Vancouver B.C. at PLANET X...and you could guess what the X stood for.

Anywayz, this is very well done in terms of casting, lighting performance, music, tone and everything.

The scene that struck me most is when Ernie says this...and this is classic to me.

Guy: Why do you do this to yourself? Don't even get paid, risk getting arrested, for what? Ernie: You don't know? Guy: No. Ernie: The Nod. Guy: The Nod? Ernie: Happens to me at least once every party. Some guy comes up to me and says "Thank you for making this happen... I needed this. This really meant something to me." And they nod... and I nod back. Guy: ... That's it? Ernie: That's it.

That little piece of dialogue is's what made me want to run the rave at PLANET X, even thought I was't making big me it was the NOD...

So I know exactly where Ernie was coming from...and I felt the director Greg Harrison was getting to.

Watch Groove and relive your youth before it slips away from you in your daily 9-5 and rush hour traffic.

I only wish I was at the club...because it was so intense and so real...and made me so jealous that I was only watching it on my TV screen.

With a $500000 budget, this is tops.

Once again, everybody...extras and all cast awesome job and one very satisfied viewer...certainly worth my time.

Reviewed by matlock-6 9 / 10

Outstanding, magnificent soundtrack, great visualization

This is probably the closest you can come to experiencing a real rave without actually attending one. I can't understand user comments about poor acting, as I felt that everyone did a very good job here. The story centers around a group of people looking to have a harmless good time, with a number of side-characters. The rave organizer story is great, and the gay couple who can't find where the happening is is absolutely hilarious. The strongest part of the film is the magnificent soundtrack, and appearances by some of the best (and most underappreciated) DJ's around, John Digweed, Pollywog, etc. If you're at all into techno/rave music, just rent this for the great tunes. And you might find that you also enjoy the storyline.

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