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Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Yes same old

Chef breaks up with her boyfriend/boss who has basically been using her and gives her no respect. Very familiar. She retreats to visit family, in Hawaii. Even more familiar. One slight difference is that her ex shows up as formal advisor at the cooking contest she enters.

Meanwhile she is trying to learn to surf. A fair amount of time is spent on this thread and it allows her to interact with her romantic interest. Lacey Chabert and Ektor Rivera have some chemistry but not a lot. The acting is decent enough. It is a very common theme in these movies that each lead inspires the other to get out of their individual rut in life. Nothing surprising here and it leads to a predictable conclusion.

Overall this movie is pretty much the same old thing which puts the pressure on the relationships and actors. As I mentioned, I didn't find anything exceptional here.

Reviewed by gfrasmd 4 / 10

At Groundswell nothing is well.

Take a handful of trite ideas. Add two scoops of stale dialogs. Flavor all with a hint of exotic scenery. Grind it and re-hash it coarsely, ... et voila, you've got a new movie! Really new?

The characters are inconsistent, when not cartoonish. The lead actors have poor chemistry and the total resetting of Emma's ambition and affection seems to have but a flimsy ground. More and better views of the surrounding nature could have saved the show, at least in part. The production has failed to provide even this.

Good thing about the movie, it contains nothing crude or offensive. The downsize is that it offers no real drama, little catching action, and minimal entertainment.

One more boring, forgettable entry for Hallmark!

Reviewed by drbreakwell 4 / 10

Same old same old

Hallmark needs to throw away these tired and worn out scripts. Girl comes to renew her soul, she meets a guy who is conflicted and needs someone to bring him out of his lack of enthusuasim. The girl he meets brings him out of his sadness, only to get mad because she might keave, tgen they "kiss and make up." Even the beautiful Hawaiian scenery is lacking. New ideas need to come from different writers with different plots. The only reason I "watch" these movies is because I need the background noise and can do other tasks. Hallmark should stick with the murder mystery series they started. These movies had better story lines, like the Crossword Mysteries, or Mystery 101, or any other mystery series. Even the wedding veil 3 movie series was goid to watch.

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