Growing Up Wild



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 9 / 10

A cute nature documentary

A great documentary about how animals are growing up. We have 5 different animal babies and follow them. Of course they are incredibly cute but the movie is not all cute, we see hunting and death just like life in the wild is. Since this is a Disney movie there is not too much for it so one can just enjoy watching those small animals living their lives. There are some amazing footages. Like the avalanche was beautiful even though it is deadly. The little lion calling for his mom was adorable. And the poor tiny macaque sitting there losing it's strength and feeling miserable was heart breaking. I think it is a good movie. Not as brutal as the world actually is but one still learns a lot and it is simply nice to watch for people who love animals.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

In the intimate wild

While some DisneyNature documentaries are better than others, they are mostly very interesting and a common factor is that they are extremely well made. As well as having amazing animals. When it comes to the music and the narration (writing and delivery), those are the aspect where the quality is variable. Saw 'Growing Up Wild' for DisneyNature documentary completest sake, as well as being a great fan of nature documentaries, Disney in general and the intimate approach to the storytelling.

'Growing Up Wild' does have a couple of major drawbacks with the narration and pacing, among the worst DisneyNature documentaries at both. But on the other hand, in terms of emotional impact, charm and relatability 'Growing Up Wild' is among the better DisneyNature documentaries in my view. So when ranking these documentaries it is somewhere around high middle. It is not quite as well known as other DisneyNature documentaries but does deserve to be better known.

Really do have to agree with the narration bringing things down significantly. Not the actual writing, which was informative and had enough entertaining and sincere moments when it was not reminding us about what the animals were feeling. But more the delivery of it in how it is spoken, Daveed Diggs just doesn't sound right. This material needed a more authoritative, subtle and sympathetic approach, Diggs came over at times as somewhat sarcastic and condescended rather than engaged.

The pacing isn't always perfect, with some transitions lacking smoothness from the pacing being rushed and jumpy in spots. If there was a little less content those problems wouldn't be there.

Have no complaints with everything else though. Like all the other DisneyNature documentaries, 'Growing Up Wild' looks fantastic. Really appreciated the intimate approach to the photography, which made the more emotional scenes more powerful and made it even easier to relate to the baby animals and how they were feeling in difficult situations. The scenery is lovely as always while having an element of cruelty at times to show that nature is not just cute animals in beautiful environments. The music doesn't try to be too jaunty or too grandiose, really don't like it when any music in documentaries tries to be too playful, too contemporary or over-emphasises the emotions and 'Growing Up Wild' just about avoided those things.

While having issues with Diggs' delivery, the writing did inform and intrigue. Taking the subject seriously, without doing it too overtly. The footage and scenarios are fascinating to watch and there are plenty of charming and moving scenes, such as the lion cub calling and a particularly intimate and beautifully simple scene with the macaque. It is not just cute though as 'Growing Up Wild' manages to not hold back on its portrayal of wildlife struggles, while not doing it in a too in your face or manipulative way and to me certainly not in a way that is too traumatising. The violence is uncompromising but didn't to me come over as too sadistic. It does disturb but it really makes one think too. The animals are adorable and very easy to root for, as are their very charming and poignant scenarios that have enough time devoted to each to not feel underdeveloped.

Summing up, good but not great. So many fantastic things but do have to agree that a better narrator was needed. 7/10

Reviewed by erika-2-160114 10 / 10

Really good

I think this film does a good job of showing what it is like to grow up in the wild. The person who tells the story of these baby animal in the wild did not do a good job but how they showed the wild was really good.

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