Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio


Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Musical

IMDb Rating 8.1 10 2413

based on novel or book musical 1940s italy stop motion

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December 09, 2022 at 10:33 AM

Top cast

Cate Blanchett as Spazzatura
Ewan McGregor as Cricket
Tilda Swinton as Wood Sprite / Death
Finn Wolfhard as Candlewick
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English 2.0
24 fps
2 hr 1 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jgeter-87817 10 / 10

A great retelling (and not a remake!)

From the get go, this movie had everything going for it. Guillermo del Toro knows how to make a good film, and this was definitely no exception. Now I'm a fan of the 1954 Pinocchio, and I'll say right off the bat that this is not a remake! Don't be foolish and think that, because this is an adaptation of the book more than anything. This movie took some creative liberties, some really good creative liberties, in fact. The movie is set during World War II, in an Italy under Mussolini. War plays a huge role in this film, and I think Del Toro did a good job of taking the basic ideas from the original story, and expanding on them. For example, a certain island setting from the original story is not present in this film, but in its place is a genius substitute that serves practically the same kind of purpose in a way. Every character is interesting and the worlds are very dense with details. While having a dark tone, the movie also finds a way to be upbeat and charming at times. Also, the music is great, the musical songs are pleasing to the ear. Best of all, the visuals are stunning, the puppets capture emotion even though they're puppets. This movie beats Disney's remake by a long shot, and I hope it gets lots of credit for that. Watch this movie if you like the story of Pinocchio, but expect differences and a darker tone. Your kids will like it, and you will love it. 10/10 totally recommend.

Reviewed by Johnny-the-Film-Sentinel-2187 10 / 10

It's a proverbial mature children's film.

This film is NOT meant to have the light-hearted happy-go-lucky vibes of Disney's 1940 Pinocchio movie, but rather a modernised take praising the wonders of childhood, faith and friendship; up against the all-consuming tyranny of fascism (its take on Mussolini is hilarious), deceptive show-business tactics; and the double-edged sword of Time (and Life) itself.

Pinocchio is a conceptually HEAVY film that doesn't condescend on its younger audiences nor it's older ones: it respects all the age groups equally and without compromising the story and fairytale-qualities of the Pinocchio story at its core. It's like a hard-boiled folktale that knows when to be optimistic and when to be cautionary in equal measures; and that's the magic Guillermo Del Toro does so goddamn well in SPADES.

This is 2022's best animated feature film, and one of Netflix's best film offerings in years. And it was worth the wait on Del Toro's part too.

All in all, Pinocchio was WORTH IT; big time! And hella better than Disney's 2022 live-action turd too.

It's a 5/5 star experience.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 10 / 10

What a vision of grief, learning, and being a good person (made of wood)

In case you were wondering what was missing from an adaptation of Pinocchio: 1) more Fascist commentary (not to mention Tom Kenny voicing Mussollini); 2) Frankenstein allusions (or sorry did I say allusions I mean he's clearly so in love with ol' Frank that the imagery is just there in spades); 3) a showstopper Ewan McGregor musical number that hilariously keeps getting interrupted until the ending (you'll hear it at the Oscar's live I bet); 4) the word 'Burden' made existential and harrowing for a child of wood; and 5) and an even more gnarly designed sea beast. It also made me laugh and cry and lay back in awe in my theater - feel lucky if you get a chance to go see theatrical and don't pass it up if you can - at one of the great stop motion animations of my lifetime.

I'm sure there are little complaints or nitpicks I can have - ie as strong and believable and emotional an actor Gregory Mann is for the regular scenes, he's slightly one note as a singer for me. But they mostly pale in this giant work of a vision that is collaborative (Jim Henson productions Co produced and I'd love to know if any of this was puppeteers not just with the stop-motion 24fps), yet del Toro's voice and mind and vision is very potent and daring; that of creating a story of Disobedience in the face of the Big Paternal thing of a Fascistic leaders and so called fathers, and a fairy tale in an Iconoclastic approach (meaning as he said at a q&a it doesn't tell you to obey your parents so you'll be a good boy, it says you should be and think for yourself).

GDT's Pinocchio is a wonderful hot chocolate that deals with parental grief; why Gepetto creates Pinocchio is a prologue that makes this a film as much about him as the title character and what he has to learn. It's loaded with what we've come to love from Del Toro and his collaborators (Desplat especially), and I hope it reaches families all over the world. How young can you watch it? Uh... how young did you see the Disney one? Go a year younger!

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