Gun and a Hotel Bible



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loukasmandas 5 / 10

mixxed feelings

I have mixed thoughts about this movie. With its solitary setting in a hotel room, it was written as a stage drama and has a static feel to it. When it first started, I thought the way the Bible was represented by a real living person was a little corny, but I suppose that was the best way to get the Bible message out.

Reviewed by samhodges-17403 9 / 10

Different and interesting movie

Its different than most other movies. Worth a watch. Interesting :)

Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10

"I'm a codified system of beliefs."

Mixed feelings about this film. Written originally as a stage play, it does have a static feel to it with it's single location in a hotel room. When it started, it felt a little corny to me in the way the Bible was represented by a real live person, but I guess that was the only way to get the Bible message across. The idea that Pete (Bradley Gosnell) was the son of a pastor went a long way to explain how he had so much familiarity with passages from the holy book, but it might have been more interesting to have the conversation take place between Gideon (Daniel Floren) and an agnostic or an atheist. As it is, Pete spoke from the side of one who had faith but lost it when his prayers about his father weren't answered to his satisfaction. I'm not sure if Gideon's responses were convincing enough to sway one's belief either way, and their keeping score with points didn't resonate with this viewer because it felt like a gimmick. I assume one must reconcile the film's off screen gunshot ending with one's own personal view of what might have happened, as there were a number of possible scenarios. Pete could have shot Leo, he could have committed suicide, or he could have fired the weapon target-less out of frustration, while Gideon in the hotel room anguished over the outcome. A happy ending in the picture would have been called for, but just as in most matters of religion, the answer comes down to a matter of faith.

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