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Reviewed by revdrcac 6 / 10

Last, but not LEAST ........

Audie Murphy's western films of the 1950's were entertaining, action-filled and capitalized on his likable, resolute personality. The budgets for those '50's films were higher than his subsequent films in the 1960's. This average film has that weakness, but is still entertaining when viewed in that context.

This film's mediocre budget and production values disappoint, while still showcasing those aspects of Audie Murphy's talent that always appealed to his many fans. I especially liked the casting in this one, with western favorites Royal Dano and the crusty old Edgar Buchanan.

For fans of Murphy, this one is a must see...... for others, watch it in context and you will be surprised. Worth a closer look .........

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 7 / 10

It never pays to even the odds!

Gunpoint is directed by Earl Bellamy and written by Mary and Willard Willingham. It stars Audie Murphy, Joan Staley, Warren Stevens, Edgar Buchanan, Denver Pyle, David Macklin, Nick Dennis and Royal Dano. Music is by Hans J. Salter and Technicolor cinematography by William Margulies.

It's early 1880s Colorado and lawlessness is rife, mostly perpetrated by The Drago Gang who were able to enact their crimes and escape afterwards to the sanctuary of their New Mexico stronghold. One man, however, is not going to go down without a fight, the sheriff of Lodgepole, Chad Lucas (Murphy).

There's a school of thought that Audie Murphy's 1960s Westerns are far weaker than his 1950s ones? Which with one or two exceptions is rightly the case. The decade brought a wind of change in the Western genre, for soon Spaghetti would offer something new on the menu and revisionism was not far away either. With most of Audie's 60s output hindered by budget restrictions and a battle against the changing tide, one has to just hope there's enough on offer to not waste your time.

Gunpoint is a right mixed bag that shows the best and worst of Audie's genre output of the decade. Murphy is just fine in is characterisation, his fans suitably catered for, while around him is a stoic and reliable group of Western performers. There's some nifty stunt work on show, plenty of action (property destruction, horse pursuits, shoot-outs etc), and the location photography out of Utah (St. George/Snow Canyon State Park) is gorgeous. While there's also a splendid old fashioned locomotive to enjoy as well.

Narratively it's not high end, though a turn of events suggesting our hero to shockingly be a bully of sorts - which gives him emotional conflict - is a smart addition. Unfortunately the good in the production is off set by poor rear protection and polystyrene props etc, which while still carrying nostalgic value, comes with a hint of sadness of where these productions had landed at. Still, this is far from a waste of time, it holds all the requisite genre tropes for fans of Audie and the "B" Westerns we loved so much in the 50s. 6.5/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

What A Posse Audie Murphy Had

There's a murderous outlaw named Drago played by Morgan Woodward who keeps committing all kinds of crime in the state of Colorado and then running back to the New Mexico territory where the local sheriffs can't catch him.

That's not going to stop Audie Murphy, sheriff of Lodgepole, Colorado. Woodward's robbed a train that was carrying funds for the bank and because he's got the town nest egg, a lot of businesses will fold.

Murphy puts together a posse to go after Woodward and it's some posse, with just about everybody in it working off their own agenda. There is no way Murphy should have accomplished his mission in this film.

Which is of course why Gunpoint, though entertaining, is highly unrealistic. Still a nice cast of western veterans give Murphy some good support. Particular to note are Warren Stevens as the saloon owner and Edgar Buchanan as a leader of a family of equally bad rawhiders whose camp the posse stumbles across.

Gunpoint has a lot of action and a great cast that make up for a highly unrealistic story.

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