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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 9 / 10

Very tasteless and exploitative slasher flick.

"Gutterballs" opens with tasteless and suitably disturbing gang-rape scene that will surely offend some viewers.It takes place in a bowling alley called the Xcalibur Bowling Centre.Its janitor lets two groups of teenagers for the big bowling match against each other.Soon the members of each group are being gorily dispatched by the frenzied killer BBK,who wears a bowling bag mask..."Gutterballs" is a sleazy blast obviously inspired by Italian giallo flicks and excessively violent slashers from early 80's.The death scenes are seriously sick and gory as hell and the graphic nudity is frequent in the unrated XXX version.The characters are obnoxious,vulgar and outlandish.None of them is likable.Several scenes of bloodshed put the smile of my face including the death of transvestite,who gets his penis sheared off.The double asphyxiation by fellatio and cunnilingus is also worth mentioning as is the stabbing with sharpened pin.To sum up,"Gutterballs" is not for the squeamish,so if you are a fan of tasteless and morbid horror grab the unrated version.

Reviewed by j-cherry-630-782328 1 / 10

insult to the genre of horror!

despite my friends general opinion that the genre of horror was invented by a sick moron without anything better to do, i however beg to truly frighten an audience as the genre is MEANT to do the creator must delve into the human mind to explore what drives terror! then once that is found can then set about bringing that unconscious terror alive through the careful planning of a good story, a gritty script,believable actors,empathetic characters and of course the frights themselves.....this film however had none of the above and was overall the most boring,painful and intelligence insulting movie experience that i have suffered since i watched the first twilight movie!

the acting was terrible,the script sounded like it was spewed by a foul mouthed illiterate on a bad day, the characters where both unbelievable and completely unlikeable and the gore was dull and predictable(but slightly gratifying due to the infuriating nature of the characters). the infamous rape was more distasteful than disturbing due to the highly graphic and exploitive nature of the scene....designed more to "turn you on" than to shock and repulse, adding to the idea i got that the film was made purely to satisfy the perverted needs of the director. likewise the other sex scenes where exploitive and ridiculous and the transvestite scene was, to put it simply, a load of b***s! overall i found the film boring,irritating and a total waste of my time. was just the typical clichéd mysterious serial killer turning up and slaughtering a bunch of typically annoying characters that really were asking for it....warning to all serious horror film lovers stay well away...if you must look at your TV is a lot more interesting and clever than this film!!

Reviewed by D Rahul Raj Jsd 10 / 10

This is no ordinary horror movie when it's directed by the Master Of Extreme, Ryan Nicholson.

This is no ordinary horror movie when it's directed by the Master Of Extreme, Ryan Nicholson. It's packed with high levels of everything an extreme hardcore horror fan will truly love. It's also a homage to 70s and 80s horror, with the vibe of the movie and the soundtrack. It's "I Spit On Your Grave" meets "Halloween", with a mixture of Giallo subgenre in an extreme way. Dan Ellis is a brilliant actor and he is even more talented than most overrated Hollywood actors. If you're an extreme horror fan and you have never seen any of Ryan Nicholson's movies, please checkout his filmography on IMDb. Be sure to get this modern masterpiece. I promise you if you're a true hardcore horror fan, you will not be disappointed...

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