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Nathan Stevens as Police Officer
Charles Halford as Officer Randals
Joey Miyashima as Detective Wataru Fujisawa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GrayedMan 3 / 10

Cast List Gives It Away

I got only about 5 minutes into Haters (H8RZ) when I couldn't concentrate on the story seeing how Alex, who seemed to be a male character, was so effeminate. Clearly a female actress was playing this role. So I looked here on this site at the cast and this is what I found - Eliza Bennett ... Brittany Tammand / Alex Thomas So, a few minutes later into the movie when a dead chick named Brittany is blackmailing the little crew of 5 students including Alex... I already knew who it was.

There is more going on which kept me watching including a thieving principal and a crazy manipulating teacher both played by A-List actors. But it is pretty silly that anyone who happens to look to see what actors are in this movie prior to watching it will unintentionally learn the big twist ending.

One of the things Haters (H8RZ) has in common with The Usual Suspects is that the film timeline takes place after the fact. In Usual Suspects it's already all over, and Kevin Spacey is sitting in the police station as one character, telling his version of what happened to the cop, hiding the fact that he's the other character they're looking for. In H8RZ the timeline also takes place after the fact. "Alex" is sitting in the school with the lawyer for the school board telling his version of what happened, hiding the fact that he's secretly "Brittany". The endings are the same too, with that main character just pulling away in time as the cop/school lawyer runs out to the street to get them but just misses them, and the audience is shown some flashed scenes of what really happened.

By the way, kudos to the cast list for The Usual Suspects which does NOT list actor Kevin Spacey's secret identity character. That cast list doesn't contain the big spoiler the way H8RZ's does.

Reviewed by nadeem-16 6 / 10

Usual Suspects remake

I read the other reviews before watching this film and none of them pointed out the obvious: this is a remake of Usual Suspects. It's set in a secondary school but after the first two or three scenes you can see it's a remake.

Nonetheless, remake or not, it does a good job and is worth watching. If you haven't see Usual Suspects then you'll enjoy this film. If you have seen the source film then you might still enjoy seeing how things unfold although I did get a little bored in the middle.

Reviewed by ladiewhspr 7 / 10

Good twist at end

***SPOILERS **** I figured out the main plot right away. It's pretty obvious which when you see the end you get why they were distracting you with what you think the whole movie is about. Then I thought the main character was a trans person, pretty cool, but alas I was wrong. Gotta watch it. I love twists you dont see coming.

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